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Best Anime Addons for Kodi | Kodi 19 Compatible Addons 2022

list of best anime addons for kodi

Want to find the best Kodi anime addons? This is a complete guide where you can find the best ways to watch anime on Kodi with the new and popular addons. Kodi is an excellent source for countless anime with the best video quality. Kodi is best for anime and other video entertainment. Stick to this guide to get anime on Kodi.

These days, Kodi is the ultimate choice for various Anime fans who want to enjoy HD anime on smartphones and home screens. If you are a fan of the all-time popular Anime Series then it is for you. You can find all the anime series and episodes of the most popular anime. It allows you to watch popular anime like dragon ball z and the naruto series. Furthermore, may follow naruto watch in order to watch all the series one by one for free of cost on Kodi anime addons. There are many high-quality addons available for Kodi that will allow you to watch your favorite anime and cartoon shows. You will never be able to choose the best one unless you are an expert in this field.

Keeping this vital point in mind, we have shortlisted a few among the best addons to help you pick the best Kodi addon for anime. Below in this article, you will find a list of the best anime addons for Kodi in 2022.

Anime and cartoons are for family, and if you have kids in your family, you must go for this type of content. Anime is funny, entertaining as well as helps the audience to learn something in return as well.

Just like other categories, Anime and Cartoons addons are also available in a wide range. You may already have installed some addons for movies and TV shows; however, they may not be the right choice for Anime content. Hence, we have made a list of top Kodi addons that have a specific section of anime.

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Along with Anime, if you are into gaming and have a ps4 or ps5, you might want to check out these Best Monitors for PS5 as recommended by Christoffer from Gaming Simplified, which can improve your overall gaming and anime watching experience.

Best Anime Kodi Addons 2022

To give our readers the best facility while finding the anime addons, I have combined all the currently working addons for anime. Go through the list to find your favorite addon from the list of best Kodi addons for anime, along with the link to step by step installation guide.

1. Kaito

While looking for the updated anime addons for Kodi, I found Kaito a fresh addition to the list. The reviews and end-users satisfaction shows that it is a highly appreciated Kodi addons anime for your needs.

It is also a fully supported anime addon for Kodi 19 Matrix. So if you have the new version of Kodi, then this is the best one to start with. Kaito is a fresh addon, so there might be some sources not appropriately updated. Bear with Kaito, and you will be happy shortly.

Kaito anime addon contains categories for Airinng anime calendar; Airing Dubbed anime, Latest anime addition, English Dubbed anime, Trending anime, Popular Anime of the season, Upcoming anime shows, All-time popular and many more like these. In the Kaito Kodi anime repo, you can find many more options like these.

Where to find Kaito: It can be found in the Diggz Matrix Repository on this link http://grumpeh.aion.feralhosting.com/repo

Installation Guide: Click here to install Kaito on Kodi

2. FANime

Although FANime is an older addon, the developers are updating it from time to time. Kodi 19 Matrix fully supports the latest version of this evergreen anime addon. It is a little bit different from the other addons. To access the content on this addon, you will need to use a PIN.

Once you enter the PIN, you will be able to watch non-stop content for the next four hours. It scraps the latest anime, A to Z anime, various anime Genres, Ongoing anime series, Recently added anime, Movies and diverse other anime content from the Internet.

Access: It is located in the Stream Army Repo, which can be accessed from http://streamarmy.co.uk/repo.

Installation guide: Click here to install FANime

3. Gogoanime

Gogoanime is a dedicated anime addon for your anime carvings on Kodi. If you want to taste actual anime, then Gogoanime is here for you. It scraps the content from its website, i.e. Gogoanime.com. By installing this addon, you will watch free English dubbed and subbed anime in HD picture quality.

Gogoanime addon contains sections for most viewed anime, recently viewed anime, popular anime, ongoing content, anime genres, anime by year of release and many more like these.

Where to Find Gogoanime: It is located in the Cywteow Add-ons Repo. Its content can be found in this URL: https://cywteow.github.io/repo/

Click here to find Gogoanime alternatives.

4. Big Toons

Big Toon contains both anime and cartoon collection. It is located in the Origin Repository. The addon includes Anime, Cartoons, Dubbed content, Movies, TV shows, and much more with the help of this Kodi addon for anime content. According to experts, it is considering one of the most wanted and best addons for anime and cartoons collection.

Installation Guide: How to Install Bigtoon on Kodi

5. Netflix (Anime content category)

The reason behind the addition of Netflix in this category is that unlikely other unofficial Kodi anime addons, Netflix is always there to give you the ultimate pleasure of viewing anime on your home device.

Netflix is officially spending lots of money on producing original anime video content such as Aggretsuko, Devilman Crybaby, etc. You can also find anime titles produced by other distributors on Netflix. You can log in to the Netflix addon with your existing Netflix login details.

Where to find Netflix: https://github.com/CastagnaIT/repository.castagnait

Installation guide: Click here to find the installation guide to Netflix

6. Hummingbird

It is clear from its name that Hummingbird is the addon that scrapes content from each corner of the world wide web. For most anime fans, Hummingbird is a new addition to the Kodi animes addons library. If you have ever used the Masternai addon, it is the best replacement for that addon, which is no longer available.

It scraps content from famous anime sources such as Kitsu, FanartTV, AniList, MyNimeList and from other handful sources. It contains sections for Upcoming anime, anime shows, Anime by Season, Anime by Genres, Anime by year of release, Highest rated anime and many more like these.

Where to Find: It can be found in the Wilson Magic Repository and can be viewed at this link https://wilson-magic.github.io/repo/

Installation Link: Click here to Install Hummingbird on Kodi

7. YouTube (Anime Video Content & Cartoons)

There is no need to write about YouTube as a suitable place to watch anime on. YouTube contains everything from music to movies and from TV shows to sports and anime. If you are not familiar with other Anime addons, then YouTube might be the best place to start with. It contains big anime related content.

You can install the YouTube addon on Kodi using the official Kodi repository. With the help of the official Kodi repository, you can install YouTube on a PC, Laptop, or any other device with any operating system. It is available in the official Kodi repository.

Where to Find YouTube: In the official Kodi Addons Library

Installation Guide: YouTube Installation guide on Kodi

8. Q Continuum

The new Kodi 19 Matrix fully supports Q Continuum. It is not a dedicated anime addon; it is an all-in-one Kodi addon where you can find a vast network of anime content. This is a new Kodi addon where you will quickly access your favourite anime shows in HD quality.

Besides anime, Q Continuum addon contain sections for Movies, TV shows, standup comedy, Kids section, Sports, Music and many more like these.

Where to Find Q Continuum: It can be found in the Narcacist’s Wizard Repository and accessed via http://narcacist.com/repo

Installation guide: Click here to find the Installation guide to Q Continuum

9. WatchNixtoons2

If you are aware of the Incursion repository, then the WatchNixtoons2 Addon is located in this Repo and can be accessed from Incursion. It is a great Kodi addon with multiple sections and categories. You can watch ongoing series, dubbed anime, cartoon list, cartoon favourites, subbed anime, Ova series, TV shows, and movies.

WatchNixToons2 is comptable with Kodi 19 Matrix. It contains the latest anime releases, latest anime movies, popular series, dubbed anime, cartoon, subbed anime and plenty of more like these.

Where to find WatchNixToons2: WatchNixToons2 is located in the Slamious 19 Repo, which can be found in https://slamiousbuilds.com/19repo.

Installation Guide: Click here to Install WatchNixToons2

10. Funimation Now Addon

Funimation NOW is a well-known Kodi addon to watch Cartoons and Anime on Kodi. You can locate this addon in the Blamo Repo of Kodi. It contains various sections such as the Most popular, Dubbed Anime, Subbed Anime, Movies, Latest Release, Today’s Pick, and many more.

It is the top addon in the US for providing a fresh collection of the best anime content. The addon is now associated with Crunchyroll, and it is now offering its services in England and Ireland.

Where to Find FunimationNow: It is located in the official Kodi repository

11. Ares Anime

Ares Anime Kodi addon is available in working conditions as of today’s date. This is one of the well-known anime addons for Kodi, with plenty of the best anime sectors from where you can get the best videos.

This addon is available in the Ares team, a famous name for producing quality addons for a long time. There will say nothing better than Ares to find the best quality addons for your endless entertainment. This addon is available in the Kodil repository.

Where to Find AresAnime: It is located in the Kodil Repository or can be accessed using this link http://areswizard.co.uk/

12. SoggySandwich

SoggySandwich is not a trending and famous Kodi addon, but you will like it for sure. You will explore the hidden features of this addon after you add it to your addons library. Soggy Sandwich Kodi addon will help you to finish the desire you had for watching quality animes.

Furthermore, the Soggy Sandwich Kodi Anime addon also gives you the option to watch Japanese TV series and explore the culture of Japanese people deeper.

From Where to access SoggySandwich: It is located in the Ptom Repo or can be accessed using this zip file source repository.ptom-0.7.zip

13. Exodus Redux

As a Kodi user, you must be thoroughly familiar with the name of Exodus. The Exodus Redux Kodi addon is famous for Movies and TV shows, but there is a minor section for anime. Exodus Redux is the fork of the famous Exodus, a brilliant name in the Movies addons.

This addon allows you to enjoy popular anime Movies, including Howl Moving Castle and Akira. There is no trending anime series available in this addon, but its content is appealing.

From where to Access Exodus Redux: It can be found in the Exodus Redux Repo

Installation guide: Click here to install Exodus Redux addon

14. Anime On Demand

If you are looking to fulfil your demand for Anime content, then go for the “Anime on Demand” Kodi addon. This is another excellent name in the anime addons, but its drawback is that there is nothing for free. It would be best if you had a subscription for it. But it worth its subscription. It contains German-based anime content.

Anime on Demand Kodi addon contains both Dubbed and Subbed anime. The sections in it are fully organized. If you cannot access this addon, you can also watch its content on its website.

You can use this Repo URL for quick access: androidaba.com/addons or using repository.kodinerds-6.0.0.zip

15. Chocolate Salty Balls

If you are looking for an American Cartoon series, there will be nothing better than Chocolate Salty Balls Addon. This is not a dedicated anime addon, but it is best for watching American Cartoons.

If you are not in the mood to watch Cartoons and look for Anime addons, try to look for another one from this list.

The Chocolate Salty Balls Kodi addon is available in the Kodil Repository, which can be accessed with the help of this Repo. URL: http://androidaba.com/addons/.

16. Cartoons On

Cartoons On is a must-have Kodi addon for all those who are looking for both anime and cartoon content. The Cartoon On is a perfect addon for anime fans to find both subbed and dubbed anime series. This is not that great but can be installed if there no other option available.

From where to Access CartoonsOn: This Addon is available in the Androidaba and can be accessed from this Repo URL: http://androidaba.com/addons/.

17. Polaris 

Polaris is not a dedicated Anime addon for Kodi. The reason for its inclusion is that it gives you access to various YouTube video playlists. It contains a bundle of video sections, including the anime in particular. The addon is actually in the development phases, and many new areas are expected in the future.

Its sections include Movies, Shows, Money Saving and Life Hacks, Anime, Karaoke Fever, Blast from the Past, Car Addicts, and many more. Stay tuned for more details regarding the Polaris addon.

From where to Access Polaris: Follow this URL http://grindhousekodi.tk/repo to access this addon deeper.

18. 7 of 9 Addon

7 of 9 is another all in one addon with a bundle of entertainment sections. It will provide you with multiple options to fulfil your viewing desires. You can access 7 of 9 from the Diamond repository. It contains both family and IPTV sections for your pleasure. You can find some helpful links for settings and customization. You can pair it with Trakt lists.

Beside Anime and Cartoons, it gives you access to Movies, TV shows, YouTube Theater, Kids, Trailers, News, My Trakt, Music, Fitness, Live TV, Documentaries, and much more.

From where to Access 7 of  9 Anime: By visiting http://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com, you can explore more about this addon.

19. Brettus Anime

Brettus Anime is an evergreen addon for watching on-demand anime content on Kodi. It is located in the Brettus Builds Repo of Kodi, a well-known name for quality addons. It contains a list of some popular anime categories that can be found right on the home screen.

Brettus Anime provides anime movies, shows, subbed anime, dubbed anime, Anime posters, Anime full episodes and foreign anime content.

Where to find Brettus Anime: It can be found in the Brettus Builds Repo and can be accessed via https://www.midian.appboxes.co/repo2/

How to Install Brettus Anime on Kodi: Click here to install it.

20. Cypher 9 Kodi Anime Addon

Cypher 9 is an all-in-one Kodi anime addon for the fans of Anime content. The addon contains a wide range of sections that include Newest Shows, Latest Shows, Recent Dubbed Shows, Popular Dubbed Shows, etc.

It also offers you the search functionality for quick access to your favourite content and settings option to make changes to the interface.

You will not face any issues while using Cypher9, as the content available in this addon is perfectly timed and works well.

Find Cypher 9: If you are looking to add Cypher 9 to your addons list, it can be accessed from the Cypher Media Repository.

21. Cartoon Online

Cartoons online Kodi addon contains some visible anime content. It allows you to stream your favourite content without any buffering. The Cartoons Online Kodi addon is available in the Super repo Repository. It contains various sections, i.e. Dubbed anime, cartoons list, movies, ongoing series, and more.

How to Install Cartoon Online on Kodi

22. AnimeFTW.tv

AnimeFTW.tv might be the first option for all anime fans, but it is not free. It offers only the first one or two episodes of each cartoon for free, and then you have to pay if you want to go further.

As Animeftw.TV is a paid content provider so that you will find an excellent picture and content quality. You can watch content with subtitles and dubbed versions.

How to Install WatchNixtoons on Kodi

Guide for Installing Anime Addons on Kodi

  • Open Kodi Select Settings (the gear icon from the home page)
  • Click on System and go to Add-ons
  • Enable Unknown sources (for third party addons, you have to allow it from the settings by enabling unknown sources)
  • Click on File Manager and then select Add Source
  • Click “None”
  • Enter the source URL (addon URL). In the following field, enter the name (on your choice)
  • Go back to Home and select “Add-ons”
  • Click on the Package Installer Icon
  • Select “Install from Zip file.”
  • Click on the URL you added in the above step
  • Click on the Zip file and wait for the addon enabled notification
  • Now Select the Repository of anime addon and then Video Add-ons
  • Click Install and then “OK”. That’s all.


Many people want to know how to watch anime on Kodi. There is a massive demand for anime, and the trend is growing in 2022 as well. The above research-based list of best Anime addons will help you enjoy your favourite anime right on your home screen.

These were a few of the best anime addons for Kodi that are available in live conditions. We will add more to this list of anime addons regularly.

This is a progressing post which means we will be updating it regularly. I will be adding more and more anime addons to this list. Meanwhile, if you have any idea or want to include your favourite addon missing from this list, please feel free to share with us, and we will be more than happy to add your suggestions into our next update.

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