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14 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2024 for Live Sports

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

You must go through our compiled list of sports streaming free websites if you are a die-hard fan of live sports events and games. Besides the list, plenty of places and apps allow you to watch free sports events, so don’t rely only on these. But the sites added here are tested and added after a proper review.

If you are a sports fan and want free streaming sites, then you are on the perfect page. Some of the internet’s top trending sports streaming sites are combined in this listicle. With these sites, you can watch your favorite sports leagues, world cup games, and other events. So stick around for the best streaming sites of 2024 for all sports categories. 

You can also check best Kodi sports addons for live streaming of sports.

Best Working Free Websites for Sports Streaming 2024

Remember, these sports streaming sites are not only for specific sports streaming; users can watch whatever game they want. So these sites are, in general, for all kinds of sports. 


Crackstreams is home to different types of live sports games and events. It is a free platform where links to live streaming for various games can be found in the main menu.

With the help of Crackstreams, you can stream famous live games, events, shows, news, and other sports-related elements on the go. For boxing lovers, it provides access to MMA and UFC as well as NFL streams, CFB streams, XFL streams, and boxing streams.

It is a must-go site; if you are looking for free platforms, you must try it.

Visit Crackstreams


FITE helps you to find various types of sports events online. You can use it for sports as well as for other kinds of entertaining content. Its primary audience is US users, but sports lovers from different regions can also enjoy it.

Owned by TrillerNet, FITE provides on-demand access to boxing and other PPV events and live games. Soccer fans can use FITE for soccer events.

It is a famous platform supported by all the major browsers, such as Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.


CricFree is the best if you are looking for all niche sports events. It is mainly used for cricket streaming, but it gives you access to Hockey, Basketball, Moto Grand, Boxing, Tennis, Baseball, Football, Rugby, Soccer, and American Football.

Visit CricFree for daily match schedules and ongoing games.

Visit CricFree


Laola1 is our next addition to free sports streaming sites and apps. It is home to more than 15 free sports niches, including handball, basketball, hockey, FIFA, Cricket, and much more.

Visit Laola1 to find various channels such as BSL TV, CEV TV, Davis Cup TV, DTM Grid TV, IFA TV, IMMAF TV, ETTU TV, EuroHockey TV, and Badminton Europe TV.

Visit Laola1



With Stream2Watch, you can watch your favorite sports events on the go or on any device you want to. Based on user reviews and online platforms, Stream2Watch is the first choice of sports lovers when it comes to the live sports streaming sites of 2023.

Now you can get free streaming for all the major sports from anywhere in the world without geo-restrictions. With Stream2Watch, you access significant sports leagues with major TV channels around the globe. Find the schedule on the home page for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Boxing, Darts, WWE, Rugby, Snooker, handball, and others. 

Visit Stream2Watch



LiveTV is free sports streaming website for all types of sports categories. Besides live streaming, it offers live scores and sports videos to its consumers. LiveTV provides access to sports leagues such as UEFA, the English premier league, La Liga, Spanish Premera Division, Italian Serie A, and many more.

There are different streaming options available. You can watch primary and middle level for free and create an account for high-quality streaming. 

Visit LiveTV Sports

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV helps you access various sports channels from Asia, America, and other regions for Football. On this free streaming website for sports, you can find streaming for multiple competitions such as the FIFA World cup, FA Cup, Ligue 1, Super Cup, Super Taca, Serie A, La Liga, League Cup, Premier League, Champions League, and many more.

Besides these, you can follow your favorite teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, AC Milan, AS Roma, and many more. It is best for Mobile devices, and you can watch Football on the go with Live Soccer TV.

Visit Live Soccer TV



It is best to watch Premier League online for free. EPLSite helps you access European leagues from Australia, Canada, the USA, and other regions. Besides football streaming, it can also be utilized for various sports categories such s F1, NFL, and sports highlights. There is also an option to watch Bollywood movies with EPLSite. 

Visit Eplsite.Football

SportLemon TV 

SportLemon TV 

SportLemon TV gives you a complete schedule of Football and other games from all categories. You can go to the specific section and find the program of streams on the front page. You can find your favorite team on the SportLemon Live website and follow their actions on the go.

Besides Football, you can use SportLemon for Hockey, Basketball, US Football, Tennis, Moto, Boxing, Baseball, and other sporting options. 

Visit SportLemon TV 

Real Stream United 

Real Stream United 

Real Stream United is the place for almost all the major sports. You can find decent streaming options for your favorite game and watch online on your computer, laptop, or mobile device. You can find comprehensive options for single-game streaming.

They provide a complete schedule of all the live and upcoming games so you can make your schedule accordingly. Like many other sports websites, Real Stream United is also home to Football, basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Rugby, NFL, Tennis, Boxing, Volleyball, and many other sports. 

Visit Real Stream United

Sky Sports


Sky Sports is an all-in-one platform for finding sports-related content. You can find live streaming, highlights, and news about your favorite game on this sports streaming and news. It is the top platform for live-streaming sports world cups and leagues in many regions.

For USA football lovers, Sky Sports plays a vital role in bringing up the live action of Football. Sky Sports is not only for Football fans but also home to Cricket, Boxing, F1, Boxing, Wrestling, Golf, NFL, Rugby Lague, GAA, MMA, NBA, Darts, Racing, and many more like these. 

Visit Sky Sports

Stream Football TV

Stream Football TV

Stream Football TV provides a compiled list of real-time games and VOD football content. You need to create a user account to access the live streaming of your favorite game.

It is not a popular platform, but like many popular sports streaming sites of 2023, Stream Football TV also gives you access to events such as the FIFA world cup, UEFA league, and other football events. You can find and follow your favorite football club, such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester City, FC Barcelona, etc. 

Visit Stream Football TV



WherestheMatch is the famous platform for live sports streaming on TV guides in the UK. It is a well-organized platform where you can find game schedules and upcoming Live games on the home page. You can find the program by day, start time, TV channel, etc.

From the main menu of WherestheMatch, you can find sports schedules in UK & Europe and International competitions. Visit WherestheMatch to watch Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue, German Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivisie, Copa Del Rey, MLS Soccer, EFL Trophy, Africa Cup of Nations, Copa America, Women’s Champions Leauge, Nations League, and many other popular Football events. 

Visit WherestheMatch



Sportrar.tv is a popular platform for live streaming games such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, Handball, Fighting, and other sports. It is a well-organized sports streaming website with all game schedules on the home page. You can find the program of live games, Finished games Games on TV, and Not started games. 

Visit Sportrar. tv 

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

Last but not least, Facebook Watch allows you to find streams of various games from around the world. Facebook Watch Seems unreal, but Facebook is a place for multiple soccer streaming.

Many people are unaware of this fact, but with social pages, they can find streams of their favorite Football games from anywhere. With Facebook Watch functionality, you can stream Soccer games free on mobile, laptop, or smart TV. 

Visit Facebook Watch

FAQs about Free Sports Streaming Websites

Is Free Sports Streaming Illegal?

By default, it is legal to watch sports online for free unless you are not using a website with pirated content. You can’t stream copyrighted content without proper permission.

How to Stream Live TV?

You can convert any TV to smart TV by using the streaming box. You have to connect the streaming box to the internet and then plug it into the TV to stream free sports.

How to Watch Premier League in the USA?

Now with the help of free streaming sites for sports, you can watch your favorite game from the European premiere league in any state of the US. 

What are the top sites for free streaming of sports from anywhere worldwide? 

You can find websites from this listicle or open any of them; Live TV, Sky Sports, VIP Box Sports, First Row Sports, SportLemon TV, etc. 

How to Watch Premier League in Canada and Australia?

Besides Europe and England, most European leagues are famous in Canada, Australia, and other regions. To facilitate football fans’ questions in Canada, Australia, the USA, etc., about how to watch the premier league in these countries, feel free to visit any of the websites from our listicle, and you will never be disappointed. 

How can I stream sports for free?

Sports Streaming Free Websites will help you watch Football, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, and many more like these without spending a penny. 

What are some popular sports streaming apps and sites?

Some of the top sites are listed above. We are listing again; Stream2Watch, CricFree, Fox Sports Go, FITE, Vidgo, Reddit Stream, SonyLiv, Facebook Watch, YouTube, etc.

Final Words 

We are all set to conclude the listicle. Our list of best free sports streaming sites has come to an end. We aim to update this list regularly whenever we find another valuable platform for free sports streaming in 2023. Our editors will add regular updates to this list, and more sites will be added for our sports fans: until next time, happy watching.  

We know that most of our readers are sports fans and always looking for trending sports entertainment platforms. This is why this list is ensembles: sports lovers remain engaged with their favorite sports wherever they are. To access these sites, make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection; otherwise, the video quality will be badly affected, and you won’t be able to enjoy online sports streaming. 

I hope you have found the free platform for watching your next sports live from home with these sports streaming free websites. Let us know your thoughts about our list in the form of a comment, or you can reach us through any other medium to submit your feedback about our list of best sports streaming sites of 2023. 

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Khan is a news editor and technical content writer at BestKodiTips. Before this, he worked as a blog editor at various online platforms where he wrote mostly on streaming platforms such as Kodi, Netflix, Amazon FireTV Stick, etc. Apart from writing content, he is a national-level table tennis player and Swimmer. He also loves to play with data and get useful insights for stakeholders.

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