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How to Download Movies and TV Shows with Kodi Addons?

How to Download Movies and TV Shows from Kodi

Kodi is a blank canvas unless you install addons. Add relevant addons if you want to watch media content or download movies or TV shows with Kodi. Due to Kodi’s fanbase, thousands of official and third-party addons are available to stream media content with Kodi. A few addons allow users to download their favorite media content for offline viewing. Here, we have listed the complete information on downloading movies and TV shows on Kodi with the help of addons.

Most users prefer downloading movies and TV shows on Kodi. Downloading media from Kodi has its benefits. You can watch it offline at your convenience without buffering or wasting time searching for links online. This guide will teach you how to download movies and TV shows on Kodi. You can download them from Kodi and watch them offline from your local storage.

We have explained multiple ways to download TV shows and movies from Kodi and how to save them in your local storage. Please look at the subparts of this guide to learn more about it.

Can You Download Movies with Kodi Addons?

Yes, it is possible to download movies, media content, and TV shows from Kodi with compatible addons. Choosing a relevant addon to download media content to your device’s local disk for offline watching is risk-free.

How to Set Download Folder for Downloading Movies and TV Shows with Kodi

Before downloading a file or video to your device’s local disk, it is important to set the directory. This helps you easily locate the downloaded files on your device.

  • Open Kodi
  • Click on Addons
  • Click on Video Addons
  • From the list, Select FEN
  • Click on Menu
  • Open Settings
  • Click on Downloads
  • Select the directory where you want to keep your downloaded movies and click OK.
  • Follow the same for TV shows
  • The same step for the TV shows directory
  • Click Okay to implement the Settings

This is important because, by default, the downloads will be in an inner directory, and it won’t be easy to find your downloaded files in your local storage. 

Default Kodi Movies and TV Shows downloading directory looks like [data/sdcard/Android]/data/org.xbmc.kodi/userdata/addon_data/plugin.video.fen/Movies Downloads

How to Download Movies with Kodi Addon

Installing the Exodus Kodi addon lets you easily download movies from Kodi directly to your device. This allows you to watch your favorite movies over and over anytime you wish. Therefore, in this post, we shall discuss downloading movies from Kodi.

Exodus is not available now, but the feature of Exodus addon for downloading movies and TV shows can be found in any other Kodi addon available in your addons library. With the help of this feature, you can download whatever media file you want and then watch it online without being connected to the internet

To access Kodi’s download features, install the Exodus addon-. This article provides a step-by-step guide for installing it on your device. Follow the guide to ensure its successful installation. 

Download Movies & TV Shows on Kodi with Exodus Redux Addon

If you carefully follow the steps mentioned now, you can easily download movies from Kodi. 

  1. Open up the Kodi application on the device.
  2. Move to the addons section and click on “Video Addons.” 
  3. Then click on the “ExodusKodi addon.
  4. Then, move down a little and select the Tools icon.
  5. Now move to EXODUS: Downloads option.
  6. Now go to the Enable downloads option in the settings-Exodus.
  7. Here, you will see two options: Movies and TV.
  8. Then, choose the storage location for movies and TV.
  9. Save the downloaded files by selecting a folder in the Movies and TV. 
  10. The initial setup is completed now. The next step is to download the Movies or TV shows. Open the Exodus addon page and click on movies
  11. Now, click on any movie that you wish to download.
  12. Select the name of the movie that you want to download. This will load the list of available servers.
  13. Right-click on any server you wish to. This differs from one device to another. Select Download from the list of options that appear.
  14. A pop-up will appear on the screen. Select the Confirm option to begin the download process. 
  15. It might take a little time, which relies on internet speed.
  16. Open the folder that you had selected before. You will find your downloaded movie here. 

How to Download Movies and TV Shows from FEN Kodi Addon

Among other methods, FEN makes it easier for any Kodi user to download Movies and TV shows. From its configuration, FEN is ready to download. It would help if you directed the downloads of movies and TV shows to a particular directory. It is an essential step as your downloads will be arranged appropriately in this way.

FEN addon setup can be found at https://tikipeter.github.io/

How do you download TV shows and movies with Elementum Addon

Another popular addon- to download a video from Kodi to your device is Elemntum. Our team prepared a guide for installing the Elemntum Kodi addon, which can be found here

Download Movies & TV shows with Kodi using Real Debrid

Real Debrid is a simple and most common way of downloading video content from Kodi. If you are a member of Real Debrid and have an account, downloading a movie or TV show is easier for you. 

All you need to do is play a video and, after a few seconds, visit real-debrid.com/downloads. You will find the recently played video, and you can click the download button to add it to your local storage without installing any addon.

Advaddons of Downloading Movies & TV Shows with Kodi 

  • You can download high-quality recent movies & TV shows with great ease.
  • No need to click on unwanted ads
  • Eliminate the Kodi buffering problems
  • You can save the movies and other shows on your hard disk and watch them anytime.
  • You have downloaded the movies to watch them even without the internet.
  • You can easily download movies from Kodi using online servers, which do not require seeding at torrents.

A similar process applies to downloading TV shows from Kodi through any other Kodi addon, such as Elemintum. If you face some problems downloading movies or TV shows, it might be because of the location of the server you selected. To prevent this, you need a Kodi VPN. If you use Kodi VPN, you can use a server from any other location. In this way, you can easily download movies from Kodi.


MosSummarye time, Kodi users use this media streaming app for live streaming and watching movies, TV shows, dramas, documentaries, and other types of content.

Few know that Kodi also has an excellent feature for downloading content to your local storage. Various tools are available on Kodi for downloading movies and TV shows.

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