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Roku is the platform that connects you to the world of free and paid movies and TV shows through your internet connection. Roku scraps content from the web and after (within 24 hours) shows it on its platform to all its users. It is a streaming device that works on the remote control for streaming purposes. Roku is simple to operate. It is a plug & play device and needs a Wi-Fi connection.

Users can find their favourite content from the internet’s online world and stream it at home Roku device using the built-in search functionality. In this blog post, I will be talking about the Best Private Channels list of Roku.

To watch content, you will need channels. Roku channels work like an intermediary between you and your favourite video streams. This streaming app allows you to access thousands of tracks for watching Movies, TV shows, Kids content, Sports etc.

Roku offers content by using channels from its official store (publicly available channels) and private channels (private or hidden channels (not available on the official Roku  channel store).

Roku Private Channels Roku Private or hidden channels are different from the public channels. You cannot access these channels through the Roku website by using the “Roku Search” option. Private channels are always available for public access, but every user cannot access them as they are not publicly showing due to limitations.

Also, if a channel is not fully developed, it will be hard to access, or sometimes the developer or the geographical location stops showing these channels. Either the case, you cannot find these channels on the Roku channels store. So what to do and how to access Roku private channels? It is not that complicated, you will need a secret code for a specific channel, and it will be in front of you.

In this guide on Roku private channels, I will be explaining how to set up a private channel on Roku right from the start till the end. I will also be adding some codes which will help you to access Roku channels easily.

You are looking for Roku hidden channels, which means you have already installed Roku on your system. I will not be wasting your time setting up a public Roku channel; instead, I will start with the installation guide for Roku private or hidden channel and then start listing the best Roku channels.

How to Install or Add Private (Hidden) Roku Channels to your Device

You will need two things for adding any private channel to your Roku account. These two things are;

  1. Firstly, you will need to sign up and log into your Roku account (creating an account on the Roku official website is free and easy).
  2. Secondly, you will code the private channel (Below I have listed all the popular Roku private channels and the access code).

If you are ready and have the above two elements, follow the steps given below to add a channel to Roku using private channel codes.

  • Visit the official Roku website, sign in to your existing account or create a new one.
  • After opening a Roku account, click on the “Add Channel” from your account.
  • On the next page, when the pop-up window appears asking for code, enter the code for your favourite channel.
  • A warning message will appear (this is for third party apps installation, so don’t worry about this warning), click “OK”.
  • On the next screen, click “Yes, Add channel” to complete the channel addition process.
  • It may take around one day for the newly added channel to be shown in your channel list on your Roku device.
  • That’s All. Enjoy watching your favourite private channel.

Best Roku Private Channels List

If you know about Kodi, Roku hidden channels work just like addons on Kodi. It would be best if you had sports addons to watch sports and movies addons for watching movies on Kodi. Similarly, it would be best if you had Roku channels to do a specific job.

Here is the list of best channels for your Roku device in which you might be interested. Go through the list and add your favourite one to your device to enjoy unlimited free HD streaming.

Happy Kids – Best Roku Private Channel for Kids

Do you have a Roku device and want to use it for educating your kids, then “Happy Kids” will fulfil your desires for this. It is a complete channel for free kids learning and unlimited fun. Happy Kid channel app contains teaching programs for kids such as music, rhymes, learning exercises, kids activities, kids TV shows and kids friendly movies.

Code to Access Happy Kids Roku Channel: HappyKids

Roku Movies

If you want to stream HD movies on a Roku device, your choice should be the “Roku Movies” private channel. It provides a collection of both new and archive movies for your movie carvings. Roku Movies channel app helps you find and watch class movies, latest movies, romantic movies, horror movies, mystery movies, comedy movies, drama and many more like these.

Code to Access Roku Movies:  zb34ac

FOX Business

Fox is the leading news channel in the USA. Just like CNBC and Bloomberg, Fox Business brings you news about the finance, stock exchange, top businesses and other business elements of the local and global market.

Code to access Fox Business Roku Channel: FOXBIZ

Video Games

If you are a gaming lover and want to learn about the complete game, then Video Games give you access to the famous video games’ complete walkthroughs from 1988 to 2004. Some of its popular games include Super Mario Bros, Super Metroid and A Link to the Past.

Code to access Video Games Roku Private Channel: T6PH2V

Maddy Motion

For quite a long time, I am focusing on Kodi addons that offer anime and cartoons. I will continue this with Roku as well. Using Maddy Mation Roku private channel, you can access your favourite cartoons and anime content for free. It is a private family channel that you can watch with your kids and family. Maddy Mation comes with various sections for cartoons and anime.

Code to Access Maddy Mation: MADDYMATION

Al Jazeera

This private channel app is here for you for the news fans who want to access HD news channel like Al Jazeera. Using Al Jazeera private channel for Roku, you can convert your device into a complete news channel app. Watch English news at home for free on your Roku device.

Code to Access Al Jazeera Private Channel: aljazzeraenglish

Nowhere TV

Installation of Nowhere TV means you convert your Roku device into a complete news agency. After adding Nowhere TV private channel, you can access world-famous news channels from its main screen. These channels include BBC, NBC, NASA TV, CNN, PBS, CBS News, Al Jazeera English & Arabic, TED Talks, Bloomberg News Live and hundreds of more like these. Besides the news channels, you can also find TV shows, Khan Academy lectures and other valuable elements.

Code to access Nowhere TV on Roku: H9DWC

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive Roku channel contains old movies, TV shows, anime, cartoons, and other content that will help you freshen your old days. If you want to watch movies older than fifty years, then The Internet Archive will help you. It contains thousands of streams from the old days that will be fascinating to watch and learn about the older culture and people.

Code to access The Internet Archive: NMJS5

Great Chefs

The Great Chefs Roku private channel is a premium place for finding everything related to cooking as clear from its name. If you want to cook something tasty and new for your friends or family, Great chefs give you access to thousands of cooking streams on your Roku device. Great Chefs is for all those who want to cook something delicious or learn to cook from scratch.

Code for Great Chefs Private Roku Channel: greatchefs

M3U Black

M3U Black is a must-have private channel for every Roku device. What is the M3U file? It is a text file, just like a notebook file on windows, that contains the locations of Roku media files. The file extension is m3u which specifies it. Using this app, you can find thousands of channels from its plain text file and access them directly or add them to your Roku device. If you want to access a channel, locate it in the m3u file and add it to your Roku.

Code to access M3U Black: m3ublack

Final words

If you are using Roku and facing problems while finding private channels, I assume that your issue must be resolved. With the help of these channels, you will avoid the channel’s limitations and be free to choose your favourite private channel from the wide range of selection.

These channels are best for streaming HD and high-quality content. As discussed above, these private channels might be hidden from public access due to the unavailability, geo-location or another issue. I hope that you might have found this article interesting and helpful.

If you think something should be added to this list, please free to share your thoughts with us in the form of a comment or any other medium. If you are an experienced Roku user and have ideas about new private channels, please share your ideas in our upcoming updates.

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