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How to Install Q Continuum Addon on Kodi 19 Matrix

Install Q Continuum Addon on Kodi

The Q Continuum is an open-source and freely available addon for Kodi users. It does not host content in its library. Rather it is affiliated and scrapes content from the content providers from the world wide web. The process of this addon is straightforward; it reads the content on third party websites and gets the relevant content from it.

The Q Continuum Kodi addon contains categories for various options such as Movies, TV shows, Non-Debrid, Kids, Sports, Stand up, Networks, Music, Anime, 4K videos, Trakt and much more like these.

The Q Continuum is fully compatible with the new Kodi 19 Matrix. Use the below-given steps to install it on your home device where you have installed Kodi 19.

How to Install Q Continuum Addon on Kodi 19 Matrix

  1. Download Kodi 19
  2. From Home Screen, Select Addons
  3. Click on the Settings button
  4. Now click on Enable Unknown Sources
  5. Go back to Home and select Settings button
  6. Click on File Manager
  7. Select “Add Source”
  8. Enter http://narcacist.com/repo in the top box
  9. Enter NARCACIST in the bottom box
  10. Click OK
  11. Now go back to Home and Click on Addons
  12. Select Addon Browser
  13. Install from zip file Now click on NARCACIST
  14. Select this ZIP File http://repository.narcacistwizard.zip/
  15. Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  16. Install from repository Click on Narcacist’s Wizard Repository
  17. Click on Addons
  18. Search for Q CONTINUUM and Install
  19. All Done! Enjoy.

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