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Quick Fixes for the Kodi Pair Error Issue (Updated 2024)

How to Fix Pair Error in Kodi – Olpair, Openload

Welcome to the tutorial on Kodi Pair Error Fix. Read on; below, you will find different methods for fixing this most common but easiest in resolving issue on Kodi. This issue occurs when users connect to online resources through a Kodi addon.

If you are here today, it is apparent that you have been a victim of the Pair Error in Kodi, and now you want to know how to fix it. If that is what you are here for, you have landed on the right article. We will jot down three solutions you can opt for to fix the Pair Error.

Most people encounter this error when streaming movies or playing games using some of the Kodi Add-ons. While we cannot yet identify those specific Addons, what we can do is we can provide you with a solution that will permanently sort out this problem for you!

Quick Fixes for the Kodi Pair Error Issue

Although the pairing error occurs often, there is nothing to worry about as easy solutions are available for fixing this Kodi problem. We have discussed different methods below in this article. Opt for the one that is suitable for your device and Kodi settings.

Use the Real-Debrid Method to Fix the Kodi Pair Error

One of the best ways to get rid of this error forever is to integrate Real-Debrid. The wiser thing to do would be to activate this service immediately when you start using the Kodi box. For this, you need to find the “unrestricted downloader” and enable it to stream all audio, videos, and games seamlessly.

This method will work for almost all the other addons and builds you are facing issues with. So, try it, and we assure you that you will successfully eliminate the Fix Pair Error in Kodi.

Disable all the Captcha Hosters

Captcha Hoster is one of the most common reasons behind the pair error, and disabling it is the best thing to do when you want to use your Kodi box and its addons seamlessly without interruption. Here is what you have to do to disable the captcha hosters;

  • Launch Kodi and then head to the addon that you want to use. 
  • Now scroll and head to the “Tool” option in the list
  • Go to “Settings” and “Playback”
  • You will have several options in front of you; you then have to scroll down to where you see “hosters with captchas.”
  • Switch it off and then hit the “Ok” button. 

By following these instructions, all errors will disappear, including the Olpair error. If a particular stream eliminates the “viewing options,” all you have to do is to allow the Kodi device to “view” them. And that is when you can follow the above guide and switch off the captcha hosters.

Pairing the Streaming Device

We recommend you use a VPN on your Kodi device before opting for this method because once you use this pairing method, your device will be able to access and view all the content you have. When you get the “authorization” message, you can always “cancel” it, and you will be heading to the next stream. It is a good idea, but it is not always reliable, so you must be careful.

But if you do not have any issues with the authorization, just hit the “ok” button, and then you will be given a link in the message. (There are some pop-up ads in some pairing sites which can be pretty frustrating, and it can even affect the performance of your PC, so it is always better to use the browser on your streaming device). Opt for the Firefox or Silk browser here if you want to.

  • Open the “Silk” browser.
  • Type the link shown in the message when you allow the authorization. For instance, visit olpair.com. 
  • Click on the “I’m not a robot” option 
  • Verify that you are not a robot
  • Once done, you then have to scroll and then hit the “pair” option
  • You will receive a message saying that your pairing has been successful

Final Words

This is it! It is the third method, but our suggestion is to try the above ones first because, with this pairing method, you will be revealing your IP address, which is not safe. However, if this is the only option you think will work, then use a VPN, and the rest will be fine.

Try any of the three methods mentioned above to fix the “Pair Error” in Kodi. These methods are pretty simple, and nothing is complicated about them so that they will fix your issue.

Daniyal is a senior content reviewer and editor at BestKodiTips. He has more than 5 years of experience in online platforms including Mobile Apps, Streaming Platforms, Educational Tutorials, tech gadgets, and more.

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