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Quick Fixes for Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code Error

Quick Fixes for Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code Error

For smartphones (Android, iOS, etc.), the error message “Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code” here in this article provides various solutions to fix the problem most easily. 

When this message appears on the smartphone, especially on Android, you cannot send a message or make a call until the issue is resolved. 

An invalid MMI code error usually appears when you want to check your balance or perform any other action from the SIM card provider. Invalid MMI error on Android phones occurs when the smartphone has dual SIM cards. This error from the SIM card provider appears when there is a problem in the network. 

What is MMI Code MMI or Man-Machine Interface code starts with a star (*) or with Estaric (#), these commands are used mostly for special instructions on a smartphone. These codes are used for several functions. 

There are various solutions available for fixing the invalid MMI error code, such as restarting the phone, clearing old data, changind the default data sim, or changing the network from 3G to 4G.

How To Fix Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code Error

In this artilce, differnet solutions are listed here to fix connection problems or invalid MMI code errors on Android smarthpones. Each answer is explained here for the readers so that they can resolve the issue without any delay. 

Restart your SmartPohne 

Whenever a fundamental error occurs on any smartphone, the first solution that comes to mind is to restart it. So, if an invalid connection error occurs on your phone, you should restart the phone. Restarting the smartphone will erase the cache data, and it often resolv the Invalid MMI code error.  

Reset Network Settings 

Resetting the smartphone network settings is a handy option to fix invalid MMI code errors. Resetting the network will erase all the network data, including saved network passwords, parid Bluetooth devices, and other data. It is a simple fix; follow these steps; 

  • Open Settings 
  • Select Systems 
  • Open Advanced 
  • Click on Reset options 
  • Select Reset network settings

After resetting the network, reboot your phone and check if the issue is resolved. 

Clear Cache & Mobile Data 

The next optimal solution for Invalid MMI code is clearing the cache and mobile data. There might be some invalid data in the phone cache that causes this error. Below is the step-by-step guide that will help you resolve the error by cleaning mobile data. 

  • Open Settings App 
  • Go to Apps 

Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code Error

  • Select Contacts and then “Mobile Data.” 

Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code Error

  • Click on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” 

Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code Error

This solution will erase all the unwanted cache data from your phone and fix the MMI code error. If the issue is still there, then go to the next solution.

Use Airplane Mode 

On some smartphones, you are turning on the Airplane mode resolve the Invalid MMI code issue. 

  • From the settings app, turn on Airplane Mode 
  • Wait for a minute, then turn it off

When the signals are weak on some phones, this error occurs, so working with Airplane mode may resolve the signal issue. 

Turn on Unused SIM Card 

In dual SIM phones, the invalid MMI code error is common. One of the solutions for this is to turn off the unused SIM. To do so, follow these steps on an Android phone.  

  • Click on Settings App
  • Open Mobile Networks

Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code Error

  • Select Sim Management

Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code Error

  • Turn off the unused sim by using the radio button 

Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code Error

Similarly, apply the same on the other SIM and check for the error.

Change Mobile Network Band 

For Invalid MMI code, changing the network band is a standard solution. Some of the network band works well in one place, while some work well in others. So, in this fix, you have to play with the network band by changing it to all the available options. 

  • Open the Settings app on an Android phone 
  • Click on “Connections” 
  • Select Mobile Networks 
  • Change the “Network mode SIM 1” to different bands and check for the error each time you make a change.  

Final Words

Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code error on any smartphone stops all its functions, and you can’t make a call or send a text message.

In this guide, various solutions are explained, try this one by one and check if the error is gone.

For dual SIM phones, disabling the unused SIM always resolve the issue (80%). 

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