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How To Delete PS4 Keyboard History, Clear PS4 Learning Dictionary

How To Delete PS4 Keyboard History

PS4 or PlayStation 4 is a good gaming console with some stunning features and great gaming options. Here, we are talking about its auto-suggest keyboard.

Word auto-suggest is an excellent and catchy feature of PS4; however, it may not be that fascinating for some users. The search terms are stored in the database when you search with the auto-suggest keyword on PS4.  

Whenever you start typing on the PS4 keyboard, the stored search terms will pop up at the top of the keyboard. This is a good feature, but it might cause a lousy impact if the user has searched for some crazy words. 

In some cases, the auto-suggest may cause security breaches if you have searched terms related to your secret words or passwords. In PS4, the auto-suggests feature is known as the PS4 learning dictionary, and it can be turned off from the settings. 

How to Clear PS4 Keyboard History

To delete/clear the Learning Dictionary of PS4, you have to follow the below-given step-by-step guide. 

  • Tap on Settings and select System 
  • Open System Software from the left menu 
  • Now click on “Reset Options,” Locate from “Clear Learning Dictionary,” and select it. 
  • Now click on the “Clear” button to erase learning dictionary data from PS4

Final words

There are both positive and negative sentiments about the PS4 autosuggest feature. Based on the reviews and end-users’ intentions, the Learning dictionary or auto-suggest feature might be problematic for PS4 users. 

Luckily, disabling it is not a big deal. It can be done from settings>system software>reset options> clean learning history. In short, it is just a few clicks away to remove all the search terms from PS4. 

Once you select the “Clear” option, all the past searched terms will be removed from the system library. It is a good option for some users as these auto-suggest words help them time-saving. 

If it is not about your security and not using some crazy words in search history, you shouldn’t disable this feature in the PS4. Auto-suggest terms help speed up your searching. 

Wali Khan
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