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0 Piso WiFi Pasue Time - How to Login Piso Wifi, Benefits of ipb Piso Piso WiFi is the most famous internet service provider (ISP). Piso WiFi comes from the PISONET. There are hardly five years since the Piso WiFi Vendo was founded. But due to its performance and high demand, it is now at its peak in the Iceland of, Philippines. Piso WiFi

Unlikely other systems, Piso wifi Vendo is based on the coins. This means users from the Philippines can access the internet using coins. The coin usage comes from the term “one-peso internet”. 


The Piso WiFi service is provided to the users with the help of a vending machine. Piso WiFi Vendo is a rent based internet that you can purchase using coins. If you cannot pay for the internet, the Piso WiFi service is for you. You can get the best internet packages in the Philippines without spending too much money. Piso Wifi Users 

Pisonet creates Piso Wifi Vendo for users who want to use coins and can’t pay real money for internet services. For users who want free access to the internet, then Piso WiFi is for them. In the name Piso WiFi, 10..0.0.1 is the Piso default gateway for the internet. 

Piso WiFi Compatible Devices 

It is compatible with;

  • Smartphones 
  • Tablets PC
  • Laptops 
  • Desktop Computer 

Piso WiFi Login

Follow these steps to login Piso WiFi  

  • Open a web browser on a compatible device (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop). Enter the address in the address bar of any browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Safari) 
  • This will get you to the WiFi log in page 
  • Use default login details to enter the dashboard of Piso WiFi 
  • Use the default username and password on the login page 
  • Once you enter the login details, the Piso WiFi router’s admin panel will open 
  • Now you can make changes to the settings in the admin panel; you can make changes in the LAN and WAN settings and change your username and password. Piso WiFi Pause Time Explained

Piso internet services are the best place for all those who are non-technical and yet want to use the internet for free. is a helpful platform that you can use on your own time. You can work on the time pausing to manage the Piso bandwidth, users and other time-related elements. 

WiFi halting is a valuable feature in the Piso router’s admin panel. If you don’t want your bandwidth to end, you can go for the WiFi pause options. With the help of this feature, you can choose to allow or disallow a user from accessing your Piso WiFi. 

You can pause Piso WiFi by using the code. 

Final Words

Piso Wifi comes with various benefits, such as free internet for anyone who wants to. It is a free WiFi service in the Philippines. Piso WiFi is not charging anything for its service, but there are ads on its page that are its primary source of income from this service. 

Furthermore, don’t use your data on this network. It is a free service, so there might be some trade-offs. Multiple users use this network, and there might be some bad actors and hackers among them. 

While there are multiple users connected to IPB Piso WiFi at a time, the speed is always compromised. It is a public WiFi network, so you have to bear with the rate. The high load on the web means a loss in bandwidth speed and poor network quality. 

Disclaimer: This article is published by editors just for information purposes. Some of the info may vary, so please let us know if there is any confusion. 

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