A Look at the Most Recent Beta Update for iOS Whatsapp Users

WhatsApp beta update
WhatsApp beta update

WhatsApp has been working on a new version of WhatsApp beta update that would allow users to leave groups without informing anyone.

Last week, WhatsApp tested an update for the beta test flight program. One of the innovative updates they are considering is a way to leave groups privately and silently – something that has already garnered considerable interest because it’s so different from anything else being offered by other platforms.

About the upcoming feature update, we will be able to leave (exit) group chats without receiving any notification. This new function is still in development and, according to WABI, will be available for all WhatsApp users soon. WhatsApp strives to create an undetectable group-exit mechanism for its various platforms.



When this function comes available in the new WhatsApp update, a different notification will pop up each time you try to leave. The only person that can see your departure will be the one who created the group – in other words, the admin.

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Another future update on WhatsApp beta for Android users has revealed information about a new property that would allow the remaining members of the group to view those who have departed. The development is underway and needs more work before it can be formally launched.

It has not yet been completed because the feature was still being developed. This means that beta testers will have to wait until an announcement about when it will be released. Furthermore, no date was set for when this new functionality would be deployed.

Separately, WhatsApp has been working on implementing a new feature – Rich Link Previews. These are clickable previews of links within text-based statuses that allow you to explore the content before clicking through to them (currently in beta).

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