What is AppLinked for?


AppLinked is a unique file-sharing application created to help the community find their favorite and wanted apps in one place.

Rather than the users having to search all over the internet for them can be very time-consuming,

The user must enter a code of any chosen store member they know or have learned from vloggers, bloggers, and any websites.

It does not stop there; if the user does not know of any codes, they can use the search feature to find a specific application they are looking for.

Furthermore, if users want to build their own collection of favorite applications, they can do so by registering for their own store through the application or the App Linked website.

On which devices can AppLinked be used?

AppLinked supports all Android devices, including Fire TV, Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, etc.

What is AppLinked for

How to download AppLinked?

After you launch the Downloader application on your Fire TV, enter the following URL to download AppLinked.

Refer to the video below for how to download AppLinked?

Is AppLinked safe?

Before installing this app, we wanted to scan the official Android APK installation file with VirusTotal.

Here is the screenshot of the scan results.

What is AppLinked for

The AppLinked team have worked hard to make sure there are no viruses or any kind of malware within the application and has been tested on all the major virus scanners and no flags were raised,

Refer to the video below for more information on AppLinked APK.

Best AppLinked Codes

What is AppLinked for

We scanned the blogs, YouTube videos, forums and assembled some of the best AppLinked store codes for you.


If you have any questions to the team and even just to say hi by following the offcial Applinked Twitter account @AppLinked_

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