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10 Best Live Sports Addons for Kodi 2018 to Watch Sports Online


10 Best Live Sports Addons for Kodi August 2018

Here is the list of your favorite Live sports addons for Kodi that is working perfectly so far in 2018. Here in this list, you can find working sports addons for Kodi in 2018 for major sports and games such as Football, Soccer, Baseball, Golf, WWE, Boxing, Cricket, Tennis and many other like these.
If you have little bit of time for reading, then here we have brought you the list of some amazing Kodi addons for sports in 2018. Have a look on these and if you think there is another one that should be here on this list, please feel free to express your idea in the comment sections. We also encourage you to share your own developed addon with us we will happily write about your own addon here on our blog.
Here is the list of 10 best sports addons for Kodi of August 2018. These add-ons are added here after a high research on best sports addons. Most of these addons are live with unlimited resources.

Top 10 Best Sports Addons List – Updated and 100% Working

Sport 365 Live

 Sport365 is a Kodi Addon that allows you to watch live sport on Kodi. Sport365 allow watching match quickly.
It provides all kind of NFL games Like Football, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, F1, Boxing, Biathlon, Cricket, Handball, Soccer and many more. Categories include are Live Sport and many more. Sports365 Kodi Addon that pulls streams from a known IPTV internet site. Sport365 is a new third-party Kodi Addon from QWER repo.
If you are a sports fan than this is the best Addon for you. Here on this addon, you can find every think of your interest in sports. It is full of sports content.

Aragon Live

 Aragon Live TV Kodi Addon is probably one of the best Live TV add-ons. The main menu has Aragon Live and LiveNet TV. Aragon live contains lots of other categories besides sports such as Documentary, Kids, Movies, Music, News, UK & USA.
Other categories include LiveNetTV: Sports, Entertainment, News, Cooking, Music, Kids, Religious, Movies, Documentary, French, Australian, Bangla, Punjabi, South Indian, Afghan, Nepal, Filipino and many more.
Aragon Live is a new third-party Kodi Addon from Blamo repo. The Aragon Live Kodi Addon is a home for live TV from around the world. If you want to watch IPTV TV channels pulled from open sources on the internet, then Aragon Live is best for you.

Joker Sports

 Joker Sport is Kodi Addon that is basically an excellent Addon for sports. This addon is all about IPTV & Sports. If you are a sports fan than this Addon is for you consist a ton of sports & IPTV sections and live contents.
Categories include Sports IPTV, 3 PM Kick Offs / Live Footy, Sports Channels Extra, Live Sports Channels, Pac 12 Sports, Jen Sports Channels, Mama HD Sports, Official Highlights Channels, Footy Fanzone, & many more.

Supremacy Sports

 Supremacy Sports is a Kodi Addon from Supremacy Repository that is all about sports content. This Addon is dedicated to sports fans to watch their favorite games or highlights anytime they want.
Its main categories include Ace streams, BT Sports, Football Documentaries, Live events, Reddit Soccer streams, Sports Channels, UKTV Sports, Sports Movies and WWE.
It uses Plexus and Sports Devil plugins for live streams. Install this Addon on your Kodi device by using this link to watch your favorite content.
How to Install Supermacy Sports Addon on Kodi

Selfless Kodi Addon

 Selfless is new Kodi Addon that offers you to watch free live streaming of sports on Kodi. It includes Big list, USA channels, 24/7 shows, Video on Demand, WWE Live, Olympic 2018 live, Sports Heaven, UK Channels and live game.
Categories include The Big List, Manual Links, USA, 24/7 Shows,    Video on Demand, WWE, Sports Heaven and much more.
Selfless is a new third-party Kodi Addon from bookmark repo. You can enjoy your favorite program by using this Addon. This Addon is totally dedicated to sports lover. If you are sports fan then you should install this.

Duck Shit

 The Duck Shit is Kodi Addon best for the sports fan. Commonly known as wrestling INC is third-party Kodi Addon not associated with Kodi TV. Replays are the main advantage of the Duck Shit.
Categories include Live Show Repeats, PPV Events, WWE Network Shows, WWE Network and Live Stream. It contains every significant game, for example, hockey, ball, football, baseball, moto, MMA, and wrestling.
The Duck Shit is a new third-party Kodi Addon from Illuminati Repository. The Duck Shit Kodi Addon is a pleasant hotspot for sports replays, features, and substance. It offers replays of events such as hockey, baseball, football, baseball, moto, MMA, and wrestling.

Sports Devils

Sports Devil is the oldest but yet the most famous Kodi addon that allows you to watch sports. Sportsdevil has been updated on and off over the years for Kodi clients. There are several versions available with it new and updated categories & interfaces. Here you find a list of categories.
Categories include Favorite, Blogs, Highlights, Live Sports, Sports TV, and Live TV with a lot of sections and subsections. Install this Kodi Addon on your device and enjoy your desired programs with a single click.


 BOOM is a well-known Kodi Addon that allows Kodi users to watch sports content in a great picture quality. It is a great sports Addon for all versions of Kodi that been constantly updated since its release & provides a lot of new & updated data.
Some of its well-known categories include Football, Boxing MMA, Golf, Acestream Sports, Motor Sport, and much more. BOOM is a new third-party Kodi Addon that can be found in the Boom Repository. If you are sports fan then this Addon is for you it allows you to watch Different sports content. It contains a ton of sports content for clients.
How to Install Boom on Kodi

Pure Sports

 Pure Sports for Kodi contains a wide range of resources to sports events across the world. . It allows you to watch interesting sports content which includes different games like Football, cricket, hockey etc.
Categories include 3 PM Kick-Offs, Boxing / MMA, Cricket, Darts, F1, Football, Rugby, Sports Channels, and WWE.
This Addon is a good option for all the sports fans. You can easily install this and take advantage of this by enjoying your favorite sports content.

Rising Tides

 Rising Tides is a Kodi Addon that is for live sports IPTV Video. You can enjoy your favorite sports videos live in an excellent quality by installing Rising Tides.
Categories include Sports Channels, Football Highlights, Country Channels, Live Football, Live All Sports, Live PPV Events, Sports Shows, IPTV Heaven, Movies, and Documentaries.
It has tons of feedstuffs & sports contents from all around the world. This Addon has almost everything from NFL, Football, and Cricket, to Boxing, Golf, and Motorsports for the sports fan. Rising Tides is a new third-party Kodi Addon from Mullafabz (Rising Tides) Repository.

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