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Best VPN Service Providers 2024 – Ranked by Speed & Security

Best VPN Service Providers

In an open internet, you activities are being tracked, your security is being compromised, and not to mention you are probably on the verge of being controlled by third-party advertisers.

Cybercrimes are spreading like a disease and no one is truly safe. The government is keeping a close eye on its citizens for the purpose of monitoring activities online. Your ISPs can easily track everything you do over the internet. What’s the solution to all these problems?

A Virtual Private Network is indeed a solution. It keeps your online data protected under a strongly encrypted tunnel. These providers will hide your online identity and keep your activity anonymous over the internet.

We mentioned 7 best VPN service providers 2019 along with their pros and cons that will help you make a well-advised decision.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network helps online users send and receive data while keeping their identity completely anonymous and secure. It hides your original IP address and assigns you with an IP address of a VPN. Whenever you are connected over the internet, your traffic remains encrypted between a VPN server and your website destination.

How Does a VPN Work?

Without a VPN, your internet data flows in an open field that can be intercepted by online snoopers, ISPs, and government agencies. Your ISP knows exactly what you’re doing online and what sites you are visiting. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel for your online data that is received and sent. All your data then flows within a tunnel so as to avoid the prying eyes of ISPs, hackers, and government.

Privacy-Related Problems Faced by Internet Users

A novice user is an easy prey for trained cybercriminals and online snoopers that happens to linger around all over the internet. As a result, their online data is compromised and intercepted with ease. Some of the common problems faced by internet users are provided below:

  • Unable to access websites
  • Easily becomes a prey of cybercriminals
  • The easy target of advertisers
  • The government can keep an eye on their online activity
  • The threat of online data from being stolen
  • Tracking of internet activities

Does a Novice Internet User Need a VPN?

It comes up with whether you value your online privacy or not. If you do, you require a VPN to stay protected from prying eyes of snoopers, government agencies, and hackers. If you happen to travel a lot, you require a VPN because geographically restricted websites will be blocked in a country you are probably visiting. All-in-all, there’s a dire need for a VPN service in the 21st century, and the reason is mentioned below:

  • To protect your privacy against snoopers
  • For traveling purposes to unblock websites
  • Accessing Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or other services
  • To overcome censorship issues
  • To avoid government online surveillance system
  • For safe online transactions

Our Ranking Methodology

We managed to create a list of best VPN providers 2018 on the basis of some factors that we highly recommend in a VPN. These factors define the strength of your online privacy protection. These are mentioned below:

  • Encryption
  • Servers
  • Downloading speed
  • Compatibility
  • Logging Policy

Encryption is the key to any online privacy protection. The standard VPN encryption in the industry is 256-bit which is impossible to bypass even with a supercomputer. We studied the encryption of each VPN provider as the basis to form the best VPN list.

The number of servers is also a key feature that needs to be addressed. Few numbers of servers limit your access to a free internet. Further, many online users use a VPN to stream content that is available outside their country region. Hence, they experience slow downloading speed because they happen to use a VPN. However, many VPN providers keep internet speed from decline. But if you use Kodi for free streaming of Movies and TV Shows, you probably need a VPN for Kodi.

Another factor that we considered while selecting the best VPN is compatibility. A VPN needs to be compatible with all devices and platforms. Lastly, having a mediocre logging policy of a VPN provider destroys everything. You need to be sure that your VPN does not sell the data to third parties because that is what you’re trying to avoid from the beginning.

8 Best VPN Service Providers – Pros and Cons

Here we list down 7 best VPN providers along with their pros and cons. It will help you make an appropriate purchase decision.


AtlasVPN is a highly secure VPN service provider with the goal of open internet for everyone and everywhere. AtlasVPN offers both free and premium offers to their users. In both free and paid versions, everything privacy related is available.

Its unique features include 4K fast streaming support, WireGuard protocol, Adblocker, Email protection, and support for unlimited devices.

Top Benefits of Atlas VPN

  • Afforadable VPN service
  • High speed
  • No Logs Policy
  • Free version
  • Unlimited devices
  • P2P allowed
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Avail special discount on AtalasVPN today.


Access Worldwide content

+ 190+ countries

+ Free trial

+ Connect 5 device with 1 account

+ Super speedy servers

– A bit expensive

Why HideMyAss makes our top of the list is because it exists in 190+ countries. It is the only VPN service that has its servers in North Korea. A total of 890+ servers, which is quite acceptable considering the fact that it gives you complete access to the internet from literally anywhere.

Its free-trial version is a big positive as well. Not many premium VPN services give you access to its free trial, and even if they do, it’ll have a price. Connect up to 5 devices with 1 account and access faster and uninterrupted internet.


Complete VPN Solution

+ Free trial

+ Connects up to 7 devices with 1 account

+ Automatic kill switch

+ 2,700 servers

– Unresponsive customer support

CyberGhost is a complete VPN solution and we will tell you exactly what makes it an ultimate choice for internet users. When accessing a website which is blocked in your country and could get you in trouble, CyberGhost will not only hide your IP, but it will replace it with an IP of its own. This will make it impossible for the government or prying eyes to track your internet activity.

It blocks malicious content from accessing your computer or device, and most importantly makes a safer online transaction. Since its VPN app is German-made, it connects up to 7 devices at a time and is compatible to all devices.


High Speed, Ultra Secure

+ Blazing fast VPN speed

+ Offshore privacy protection

+ 148+ locations

+ 30-days money-back guarantee

– Only 3 devices with a single account

– A bit over-priced

ExpressVPN serves the basic need of internet users around the world i.e. safe online browsing, faster streaming, and access to blocked content. Its servers are available in 148+ countries, so people from around the world can watch, listen, and stream censored content. Its app has the built-in speed test feature that monitors your internet speed while connected to ExpressVPN.

It has 24-hour live chat support that helps you setup VPN on any device including troubleshooting. Its encryption is the strongest with 256-bit AES encryption, only second to NordVPN.


All-round Performer

+ Ozone-ready servers

+ 2,000+ servers

+ Split tunneling

+ 31-days money-back guarantee

– Slow internet speed

PureVPN has recently embedded a number of features in its VPN app, the most prominent is its ozone-ready servers. PureVPN acknowledges that its app slows down the internet speed, and to improve this lacking it came up with ozone-ready servers that boost streaming, browsing, and downloading speed.

It has 3 million satisfied users, or so it claims, but there is no denying the fact that 31-day money-back guarantee makes a happy customer. Also, it frequently comes up with lifetime plans that save your money extraordinary.


Unmatchable Encryption

+ Double VPN Encryption

+ 4,800+ servers

+ Protects 6 devices with 1 account

+ Available on all platforms

– Average speed

When it comes to protecting your data over the internet, nothing beats NordVPN. The most prominent reason why internet users likely wanting a VPN is online security. It has a double VPN encryption that protects your data not once, but twice.

It has over 4,800 servers which are by far the most by any VPN provider. A greater number of servers means that you can connect from different locations at a faster speed. It has a strict no log keeping policy, which means it would never sell you internet data to third-parties or advertisers.


User-friendly VPN Provider

+ 1,000+ servers

+ 10 connections with 1 account

+ 40,000+ shared IPs

+ Easy-to-use apps

+ Available in the US

– Only 7-days money-back guarantee

Despite the fact that it is based in the US, we have ranked IPVanish as the best VPN provider 2018. IPVanish is the easiest of VPN providers on our list because it is easy-to-use, makes your private connection secure, and gives you the online freedom that you desire.

Whenever you are connected to the internet, it protects your personal information from any online threat, while keeping hackers away. With 1,000+ VPN servers and 10 simultaneous connections with 1 account, is simply a feature that is underrated.


Strong Privacy, Stronger Encryption

+ Zero logging of connections

+ Apps for all platforms

+ 59,500 shared and dedicated IPs

+ 30-days money-back guarantee

– Only available in 26 countries

As the name suggests, StrongVPN puts a stronger emphasis on bringing you uninterrupted online privacy. Although it doesn’t operate in many countries i.e. 26 to be precise, its vast number of networks i.e. 650+ makes up for that cause.

A novice user is always worried about its online data being hacked by snoopers. What StrongVPN does is, it encrypts your data with its 256-bit encryption and makes it secure. Not even StrongVPN itself know what you’re doing over the internet because it has a zero logging policy.

Final Words

The above guide explains the many reasons why you need a VPN along with the privacy-related problems faced by novice online. Hence, we suggested some of the best VPN service providers 2018 with their pros and cons so you can make appropriate buying decisions.

Masri serves as the Chief Content Editor at BestKodiTips. With three years of experience, she excels in creating technical content, focusing on how-to guides, Android and Kodi tutorials, app reviews, and addressing common technological challenges. She ensures to stay abreast of the latest tech updates. Outside of work, Masir finds pleasure in reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in table tennis.

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