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How To Start the Party At Mirage Voyage in Apex Legends Game

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From the characters of Apex Legends, Mirage announced from its boat – Mirage Voyage about the holiday party in the Mirage Voyage.

Looking back at Apex Legends, it is a big success in the multi-player gaming industry. The developers try their best to make it better and better with time. For this purpose, they add new and exciting elements for the gamers.

For example, gamers can customize the gameplay of Apex Legends by adding brand new guns, adding new characters, or making changes to the map. Besides the customization, one significant change comes in the Mirage Voyage Holiday bash.

Mirage is full of ego and likes fun. There are new additions to the gameplay in the Mirage Voyage party in the Apex Legends. There are 24 unique designs such as themes, new guns, Winter tones, and much more that brought Christmas joy for the participants.

The Mirage Voyage in Apex Legends party revolves around the Mirage Town takeover. The ship – Mirage Voyage has located a the World’s Edge.

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About the Mirage Voyage?

Let’s talk a bit about the Mirage Voyage. It is a large ship owned by Mirage. The skyship is around 70 meters long with a deck and a bow. It also contains a place for a fight. The Mirage Voyage has been located at the Word’s Edge for the last few seasons and then at the Kings Canyon for some time.

The holiday skin of Mirage dresses the character like Nutcracker. The player of Apex Legends can join the party at the Mirage Voyage by just starting the party.

How To Start the Party At Mirage Voyage in Apex Legends

So how to join the party exactly? On the map locator, the Mirage Voyage is highlighted. After locating the ship on the map, you will see two platforms once you join the boat. The first platform is the green control panel. Once the party action button is triggered, the fireworks will start automatically.

After the fireworks, two balls are expected to shoot out of the airship. At the party, you will also see two dancing Mirages on the sides of the ship. Also, there will be some Mirage decoys at the party.

The best time to activate the party is when no squads are around. Alone means that you will enjoy the party at its fullest and will be able to pick the loot from the party. But you have to be careful while enjoying the party as in the loud sounds the opposite team can get the opportunity from the situation and wife the squad.

Be Careful to Avoid the Ambush

When you are enjoying the party, with loud music and the sound of fireworks, it is good to enjoy the party by grabbing the loot, but there are chances that you will get attacked by the enemies. So you have to open your eyes and get yourself always ready for the worse situation.

Final Words

Based on the reviews and experience, Apex Legends is the best multi-player game on the internet. The developers’ never-ending changes to the gameplay make it more interesting. Due to the high-end resolutions and graphics, millions of gamers play Apx online with their friends and families.

It is a versatile game, and hence whenever you are, you will find the best server around you. Talking about the party, you can enjoy the party by grabbing the essential things as loot given by the party, but as discussed earlier, there are chances that the opposing team will attack you. So be attentive and enjoy the party.

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