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How To Stop YouTube Ads

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YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and where many users spend the bulk of their time. In a typical month, YouTube users spend billions of combined hours consuming and sharing video content on the platform.

However, for some users, those hours of entertaining videos are disrupted by ads. As the popularity of YouTube continues to climb, so does the use of YouTube ads by PPC marketers.

Stopping ads on YouTube is an exciting conversation involving YouTube content creators and their audiences. This discussion will look at what each side can do to limit or remove the number of ads seen.

Types Of YouTube Ads

Before getting into the various ways to stop these ads, it’s essential to identify the three categories of marketing messages on YouTube.

In-Player Video Ads: When most YouTube users report annoyance from ad messages, it results from in-player video ads, also known as TrueView Ads, non-skippable video ads, and bumper ads.

These are video advertisements that play at the beginning, end, or even in the middle of the video content that the user is watching. Thus, they are the most disruptive form of YouTube ad. They are also heavily favored by marketers.

Display Video Ads: These video ads appear as results in YouTube searches or related videos to the current content being watched. They have a small “Ad” logo, which signals that this is a sponsored result. Since users can manage or ignore the content, these ads are not nearly as disruptive as in-player videos. Here you can take on the best example. I m just scrolling youtube and see the best smartwatch for texting on display videos Ads and buy it instantly. That! It is the power of video ads.

Non-Video Ads: Other ad messages appear as banners or large displays on a user’s YouTube homepage. Sometimes these ads appear as small caption boxes within the player itself. Most non-video ads are easily ignored, even when they appear inside the player itself.

What Can Content Creators Do Stop YouTube Ads?

If you create content on YouTube, you have the option to include or exclude in-player video ads. Enter your YouTube creator studio and select your channel to find this option. From the “Advanced” menu, uncheck the box that says: “Allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos.” This will stop in-player ads from appearing with your content.

For non-video ads, YouTube creators don’t have the option to stop them completely, but they can control what types of ads are displayed. To do so, you must enter your Google AdSense account. Under blocking controls, you’ll find options specific to a YouTube Host. 

From there, you can block specific URLs if you don’t want a particular site advertising your videos. Or, you can block by general categories. For example, a YouTube channel for children may want to stop certain ad content unsuitable for young audiences.

Before you limit ad content, it’s crucial to understand that these ads are the primary source of income for many YouTube content creators. Monetizing videos is how YouTube channels stay in business. If you remove ad content, you won’t receive any money from your videos.

What Can YouTube Users Do Stop YouTube Ads?

If you don’t create videos on YouTube but love using the channel to consume the content produced by others, you have a few options to stop ads from disrupting your viewing experiences.

YouTube Premium

As an avid YouTube user, you’ve undoubtedly come across a notice or two about YouTube Premium. Formerly known as YouTube Red, this premium service delivers an ad-free YouTube experience for $11.99 a month.

If it seems like a steep price, YouTube Premium also includes other features:

  • Offline-viewing of YouTube content
  • Allow YouTube to play in the background if you minimize the app
  • Access to YouTube Premium content, which provides for original shows and movies from some of the leading names on YouTube
  • Access to YouTube Music Premium (a $9.99 value in itself), which has millions of songs available for offline listening and streaming

Ad Blocker Extensions

Don’t want to shell out for a YouTube Premium account? Another way to remove YouTube video ads is by downloading an ad blocker extension for your browser. Many different browser extensions are available that reportedly remove in-player YouTube ads for uninterrupted watching.

That said, be careful with what extensions you download, and be sure to read the reviews thoroughly. Not only do some of these ad blockers not do what they claim, but some may be a ploy to install dangerous malware on your device.

It’s also worth noting that YouTube does not enjoy people using ad blockers. The video-sharing platform is constantly improving its ability to detect and deny these extensions. Thus, your ad blocker may need to be updated frequently to keep up with YouTube’s latest defenses.

Plea With Your Favorite Content Creators

The number of in-player ads featured in a single video on YouTube can be annoying. But did you know that the content creator, not YouTube, places these ads within the video? If you find your viewing experience constantly disrupted by annoying and unskippable video ads, it may be time to take a stand against the content creator.

Remember, monetization through these video ads is how your favorite YouTube channels make money. These creators need to walk a thin line between making money and avoiding a negative viewing experience for followers. Sometimes, they don’t realize that they are leaning to the latter side. 

Comment, private message, and reach out via social media to let them know that the number of ads they are placing in their videos is too much! You may be surprised by what kind of response you get! Remember that these ads may be necessary for this creator to keep producing content.


YouTube Ads may be an annoyance for users that want to enjoy content without interruption. However, these ad messages are often a necessary component that helps your favorite content creators stay in business. For content creators, pay close attention to how the ads surrounding your videos impact your user experience and try and find a balance!



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