Samsung and Arm Collaborate on Development of 6G Mobile Data Technology

Samsung and Arm Collaborate on Development of 6G Mobile Data Technology

It has been less than ten years since 5G was introduced, and it seems insufficient to meet our speed goals. With 6G, we want to achieve a speed of up to 1TB per second.

It means 30 HD 2-hour-long videos can be downloaded in one second. 6G is needed in the future; hence, Samsung and Arm are working to tackle the software requirements for 6G technology.

Samsung and Arm are working on a new technology called Parallel Packet Processing. The data flow will be hundreds of times faster than the current 5G data processing, so it will not be possible in a single stream. Parallel processing could tackle the flow of data. 

Their Parallel Packet Processing will process the data in real time through parallel streams. They will launch it as open source so that other users can participate in improving it.

It is estimated that 6G will be available by the end of 2030. The exact use and shape of 6G are still unknown, but based on the current developments in AI, we are sure that AI will be one of the main elements of 6G networks.

The 1TB/second data flow means that a vast amount of data will be required for 6G networks. The launch of more IoT and cloud-based systems is also on the radar for 6G.

Similarly, self-driving cars, advanced robots, and others like these are some critical elements expected to launch with 6G.

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