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iProVPN Review – Should you invest in it?

iProVPN Review

There are multiple reasons one can feel the need to have a VPN these days. Many things are considered essential before subscribing to a VPN, such as features, protocols, device compatibility, prices, etc. Keeping this in mind, there is a good range of VPNs today that you can choose from. The thing is, before going for any particular VPN service provider, you should know everything about it. For this reason, I am writing this iProVPN review after using it for days. 


The end goal always has to be the VPN fulfilling all your requirements, and this is where this review will help you decide whether you should get iProVPN or not. iProVPN is a VPN software that is gradually coming under the spotlight. The giants in the market have been increasing their prices which now has started annoying many users. To escape that, users look at new options, and iProVPN pops up here. I hope this review helps you get a better idea of whether you need to get its subscription or not.

Let us deep dive into what iProVPN is and whether it can help you surf online securely or not.

iProVPN Review 2022 – At a Glance

Look at the quick overview below, which will help you gain a clear idea about iProVPN.

Total number of servers 250 plus
Server Locations 20
Encryption AES 256-bit
VPN-logs No logs
Protocol OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), IKEv2, PPTP
Supportable Platform Android, Windows, iOS, Linux
Supportable Devices 10
Free Trial Seven days
Money-back guarantee 30 days

iProVPN – All that you should know

iProVPN is among the latest VPN providers in the market. It was launched in 2020 and is based in the British Virgin Islands. The features it provides protect you from online hackers and snoopers by having your data encrypted.

Using iProVPN, you can bypass geo-restricted content quite easily with good bandwidth. It is the most common use of a VPN for so many people, and iProVPN does fulfil it for its users.


It is natural to see the internet speed slow down a bit when you use a VPN. Now a little bit is understandable, but it will not be satisfactory if it is not letting you browse smoothly because of slowing your internet speed. When it comes to iProVPN, the speed offered is pretty good. You can play games and enjoy streaming with minimal or no buffering. It also provides the same speeds on your smartphones, which is why many users consider it the best Android and iOS VPN in the market. 

Security & Privacy

High-end security is what every user needs to secure their online data. iProVPN offers top-notch security features to ensure its users’ safety as the top priority.

It encrypts user data in an encrypted tunnel using AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, which top VPN providers in the market use. Also, the protocols it has, like L2TP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and PPTP, ensure you stay protected from any online attack.

Moreover, the internet kill switch comes in handy if you are disconnected from the VPN as it breaks your connection with the internet keeping your identity hidden. The no-logs policy means that iProVPN can not see, track, and sell your data. It is fully private, which shows how trustworthy this VPN service provider is.

Ad blocker

Ads can be annoying and frustrating; no matter how calm you are, there always comes the point when you want them to go away. Luckily, if you subscribe to iProVPN, its ad blocker feature can help you stop seeing ads that can be pretty intrusive sometimes. This lets you surf the internet smoothly, which is the right way to use it. 

Global servers

Yes, the server network it has is not as wide as other VPN service providers in the market, but it works quite fine even with what it has. Servers that iProVPN has in the USA, UK, Australia, and several other countries help many users bypass geo-restricted content quite easily. 

iProVPN Servers

Can iProVPN unblock Netflix?

Netflix is among the top streaming services worldwide and has millions of viewers globally. There are so many countries worldwide where Netflix is geo-restricted or does not offer all the content. For this reason, you can connect with iProVPN and connect to the US server to get full access to Netflix and enjoy streaming without any blockages. 

Can iProVPN work in China?

As mentioned earlier, iProVPN was launched in 2020 for the first time, which keeps it out of the radar of the Chinese government. You must understand that this is a new VPN and still needs to go miles, yet you can easily use it in China. So, if you are from China or want to access the content in China, you can subscribe to iProVPN as it works just fine.

The Privacy and Safety of iProVPN

I am certain that iProVPN is pretty secure because of where its headquarters are. It is located in the British Islands, away from the 14-eyes regions. This indicates that your ISP or the government cannot see what you do online. You can surf the internet safely and stay safe from any online data theft.

The Prices

iProVPN comes with different pricing plans. You can go with the one most suitable according to your budget. Moreover, the free trial of 7 days is also effective where you will not be charged a single penny. I believe it is a good time to decide whether you want to continue using iProVPN or not.

  •         $10 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  •         $1.3 per month for three years with a 30- day money-back guarantee
  •         $0.99 per month for one year with a 30-day money-back guarantee

iProVPN Pricing

Final Verdict

After this review, I still think it needs some more time to breathe to make its way into the great VPN service providers. However, this VPN is still pretty satisfactory for basic uses like streaming, as I did not notice any backlogs in that area. It works fine as a Windows VPN and has been trusted by many users. 

Speed was good, and so was the security, but there is still much room for improvement. Considering that it is still new, the progress it showed was quite good. Moreover, this VPN can work in China, a country that has banned many VPNs and has a strict policy against them. This is the plus point for iProVPN.

Wali Khan
Khan is a news editor and technical content writer at BestKodiTips. Before this, he worked as a blog editor at various online platforms where he wrote mostly on streaming platforms such as Kodi, Netflix, Amazon FireTV Stick, etc. Apart from writing content, he is a national-level table tennis player and Swimmer. He also loves to play with data and get useful insights for stakeholders.

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