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10 Benefits of using VPN for students in 2024

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables users to connect to the internet from remote locations with different IP addresses. How important is VPN in 2024? It conceals all browsing history and online activities from the computer. Internet users from all around the world are using it for many purposes. Its multipurpose use and benefits fascinate students to a great extent.

Does a student need VPN? Students utilize it for many purposes; for example, those who use public networks and want additional security will benefit from this technology. Similarly, it can also be used to get around firewalls and filters while using unsecured networks. Moreover, as the computer is not connected to the school’s network, they have access to all of the sites that have been banned on the school network. It enables them to visit any website they choose — while also obscuring their browser activity history. Students may also use a virtual private network (VPN) to play video games banned for certain geographical locations. 

Why do students use VPN?

When it comes to students utilizing less secure school networks and free WiFi hotspots at cafés, public libraries, and other locales, virtual private networks (VPNs) can hide your online identity and secure your device from many threats. 

Some sites limit the number of downloads per hour and using a VPN, you will avoid these limits. Also, some websites may be blocked, or you may have problems downloading some books, courses, etc., then you can use VPN for unlimited access. If you are a student searching for a VPN, you can use the double VPN service of VPN. What is a double VPN? The usage of a double VPN provides even more security since two servers now protect you instead of one, referred to as VPN chaining. If you want to avail of this amazing service, go to the VeePN website and ask them for a trial.

What are the benefits of deploying a VPN, and what are their limitations? In this article, we will discuss the VPN advantages and disadvantages for students. Still, we will focus more on the benefits of VPN as there are far more advantages of VPN than disadvantages.

Benefits of using VPN for students

There are many VPN advantages and disadvantages. First, we will discuss some benefits of VPN for students in 2021.

  • Data Throttling Prevention

Data throttling occurs when you have used a certain amount of information accessible and your internet service provider (ISP) monitors and modifies your service subscriptions. However, you can bypass the data limit if you use a VPN, mainly because your ISP cannot monitor how much data you use. It could be beneficial for students who need to utilize their device data plans for browsing the Internet, especially when they are outside.

  • Access Geo-blocked Services

Some VPNs may help you overcome geographical limitations. Access to specific sites, such as social media platforms or certain content, is restricted or forbidden in certain countries. A VPN may enable you to access those sites by making your traffic seem to have come from a different location. This is one of the greatest benefits of VPN. But remember that it is the user’s responsibility to determine whether using a VPN is permitted in their country or not. 

  • Avoid censorship

Aside from streaming services and government censorship, your bank account and/or email is also restricted when travelling abroad. If you log in from an odd location, your bank or email provider will freeze your account by identifying any unusual activity.  You can use a VPN to avoid these issues. It will enable you to connect to your home country server, and no problems will arise.

  • Access regional sports coverage

Using a VPN may let you access geo-restricted sports content. For example, outside the United States, NBC may not be accessible. In this context, VPN may be able to help. Besides that, verify your streaming service’s Terms of Service, and be aware that certain countries penalize using VPN to violate their regulations.

  • Network Scalability

Purchasing a private network could be too expensive. In this sense, a VPN can greatly increase your network scalability. Through the VPN, students can access another computer to execute the required application. As a result, applications and VPN will be accessible by each member of the network. Moreover, adding additional colleagues will be as simple as giving each new colleague the login credentials.

  • Reduce Support Costs

In an educational setting, internal IT personnel usually manage and maintain the in-house server. It may take hours to verify the server’s performance, whether all students are getting optimum speed, and whether hackers or viruses are attacking it. With a cloud-based VPN, you may save a lot on support services. 

  • Providing a cheaper alternative to leased-line

A VPN can save a significant amount of money, especially for students. Students can avoid renting costly high bandwidth lines by using VPNs. Instead, they can also use cheaper local internet connections from a local ISP to connect to public facilities.

  • Offer cheaper long-distance telephone charges.

Last but not least, a VPN may help you save on long-distance calling. For example, rather than connecting to an intranet through dial-up networks and remote access servers, you might connect directly to your local service provider’s access point.

  • Secure Your Network

Using a virtual private network (VPN) could prevent individuals, software, and web browsers from accessing your network connection and surfing data. It ensures that the information you receive and send through the internet is safe and anonymous.

  • Protect Your Private Information

Various techniques are available to hackers for intercepting sensitive information you input on websites. They may use that information to attempt to impersonate you, obtaining access to your bank accounts, credit card details, and other personal information. With a VPN, you may make use of high-level security features for online protection. 

Disadvantages of VPN

After discussing the benefits of VPN, here are few disadvantages.

  • Complex Configuration

VPNs contain many active modules that may be complicated. Choose a VPN provider that offers support services to help you get started if you are unfamiliar with networking jargon.

  • Lower Internet Speeds

An encrypted VPN’s data security procedure takes time, which may adversely affect your online experience. The issue is more severe with certain VPNs, so read the fine print before signing up.

As you can see, there are many advantages and disadvantages to using VPNs, but you are free to decide whether you need it. 

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