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How to Use Proxy Scraper Tools – Complete Guide 2024

How to Use Proxy Scraper Tools

Proxy Scraper is the right solution for surfing the internet anonymously without revealing your identity to unknown websites. Any proxy scraper helps you find free IP addresses and proxy numbers from online sources.

You can access the internet using these free proxy addresses without showing your original IP address or even your location.

What is a Proxy Scraper? 

Before proceeding with the exact functionality of a proxy scraper, let’s talk about its definition. It is a free application that helps you collect IP addresses from various online resources.

These gathered IP addresses can be used to access unknown websites without showing your IP address to their management and the internet service provider (ISP).  Besides hiding the IP address, you can also hide your location, computer data, and other important information.  

List of Best Proxy Scrapers in 2024

Before starting the step-by-step guide for using a proxy scraper application, here is a list of some popular online proxy scraper tools in 2024. Plenty of more such tools are available; you can use any from the list or search on the web for your favorite IP address scraper tool. 

  • GSA Proxy Scraper 
  • Proxy List Scraper (it is best for Chrome) 
  • ProxyDB Proxy Scraper(Online tool) 
  • ProxyScrape 
  • Simple Proxy Scraper 
  • Proxy Scraper(Python)

How to Use Proxy Scraper? 

Using any proxy scraper from the above-given list or any other tool is simple. Follow the step-by-step guide to explore the usage procedure of a proxy scraper. 

  • Select a proxy scraper tool based on your needs 
  • Open the application and select the scrape option 
  • Wait for the scraping process 
  • You will get a list of IP addresses (proxy addresses) at the end of the proxy scraping process. 
  • Choose a proxy address from the list. 
  • Enter the proxy address to a browser or any other application you want to use. 
  • That’s all; now you can use the internet anonymously using the new IP address.

What are the Advantages of Using a Proxy Scraper? 

There are plenty of features and advantages of using proxy scrapers; a few of these are given; 

  • Privacy (you get a new IP address, and hence, you leave no footprint on unknown websites) 
  • Access blocked websites 
  • Get fast access to the internet 
  • Avoid the use of a VPN

Final Words; 

Sometimes, a proxy scraper is an excellent solution for securing online privacy. But if you are new to the internet, you must use it wisely, as using a low-quality service may lead to data leakage.

If you cannot find the best proxy scraper tool, then it is recommended to use a VPN service. Many VPN providers offer browser extensions that can be used for free with some basic features. 

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