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Best Free VPNs For Netflix 2023

best free vpn for netflix

Depending on your location, Netflix shows diverse films, documentaries, and TV episodes. You can change your Netflix location and unlock video content often “hidden” in your country by using a VPN for Netflix. The bottom line is that you will require a premium VPN for Netflix to discover the world of regional Netflix exclusives. However, a free VPN can work well for you if you’re a casual user simply trying to see what else is available.

However, before you get too excited, it’s important to remember that free VPNs have some significant limitations in comparison to the best VPNs. The majority have data caps of some form, virtually all have few server options, and essential features, like Netflix streaming, might be scaled back. However, some best free VPN options are relatively generous in terms of what they give you for free, and we’ve gathered these options below.

Are You Able To Use A VPN To Watch Netflix For Free?

Your internet connection is encrypted and anonymous via a virtual private network (VPN), which routes it through its servers. They let you browse anonymously, allowing you to protect your data from hackers and even simulate being in different countries.

Even if you have a Netflix subscription, you might discover that the episodes and films you wish to view aren’t offered to residents of certain countries. If you want to watch TV from around the world or travel overseas, a VPN can enable you to access this content.

However, Netflix actively works to prevent this. Therefore many free providers are unable to deceive the streaming service. Even though commercial services are almost always more dependable, some free Netflix VPNs have been observed to function. Additionally, using a VPN to view content violates Netflix’s terms of service, so you do so at your own risk.

It takes a specific blend of speed, server variety, and a high data cap to create a great free Netflix VPN, not to mention being able to unblock the streaming service in the first place. Unfortunately, there isn’t a free service that can handle everything.

Every free program has some restrictions, but many give up immediately because they can’t access Netflix. Even the greatest free security-focused VPN has limitations, making unrestricted access to Netflix challenging or impossible.

However, some services can provide free VPN methods to access geo-restricted Netflix material.

How Do I Get Around The Netflix VPN Block For Free?

You have three choices regarding accessing Netflix by a VPN for free. The first option is to take a chance with a free Netflix VPN. While specific free VPNs have been seen to operate, Netflix is constantly altering its policies and barring additional VPN-associated IP addresses (and free services aren’t updated as frequently as commercial ones). But it’s worth a shot because you won’t lose out if it doesn’t work. After that, you can upgrade to a premium plan or find another provider if your data allotment has been used up or you want a better service.

The second option is selecting a provider with a free VPN trial. For a brief while, they will grant you complete access, which typically entails thousands of servers and available speeds. Although you might be required to enter payment information, you won’t be charged for the period, often a few days. That’s ideal if you only want to view a few premium films throughout a weekend or if you want to access your regular content while traveling briefly overseas.

Thirdly, you can benefit from the money-back assurances that many companies provide. They range in length from 14 to 45 days and do involve payment, but you can get a complete refund for any reason during the time frame. By using them, you can circumvent any geo-blocks without worrying about overspending. 

Of the three options, a money-back guarantee gives you the most flexibility and will let you stream Netflix abroad for a month before canceling or deciding to pay — giving you more than enough time to try the service out or providing coverage for a mid-length vacation.

What Is The Best Free VPN For Netflix?

There are no subscription costs associated with these free VPNs for Netflix. You register for an account and connect for free to a server to view Netflix. Their data allotments, server locations, and speeds, however, vary. Due to this, we have included other reliable providers that are not entirely free but provide a trial period or a money-back guarantee. 


The best free VPN for Netflix is PrivadoVPN, hands down. This VPN service can consistently unblock Netflix USA. PrivadoVPN’s free edition includes 10 GB of monthly data usage and servers in 12 cities, but you can only connect one device at once. It also has military-grade AES-256 encryption and an automatic kill switch, which is uncommon with free VPNs. The one limitation of PrivadoVPN is that you can only use one server and 1 Mbit speed after using all of the available data. So, if you want to stream high-definition movies, this VPN won’t function properly.


The best free VPN is Windscribe, which is excellent for watching Netflix online. The viewing experience is uninterrupted, and Netflix videos load without buffering, thanks to Windscribe’s serviceable near-distance speeds. Although its long-distance internet rates are disappointing, you will not have trouble accessing Netflix libraries on the other side of the globe or experiencing video lags.

Your connection won’t be throttled by the free VPN service, allowing you to utilize your internet connection’s maximum capacity to enjoy watching movies. But the 10GB data limit will be a deal-breaker if you enjoy binge-watching Netflix films. 

This free VPN enables you to unblock Netflix in ten nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, which are home to most of Netflix’s most-watched films. The countries where Netflix is available also include France and Germany. You can receive 2GB of data each month for joining up without an email address. 

However, Windscribe provides two options for raising the data cap. 10GB of data is yours each month once you validate your email. But thanks to the capacity to “build a plan,” Windscribe provides a seamless transition from free to premium programs. For instance, if all you want from Netflix is American content, you may purchase the U.S. server location for $1 and unlimited data for an additional $1 (the build-a-plan has a $3 minimum monthly cost).

These ones are not free but do work for Netflix

ExpressVPN ( free 7-day trial and 30-day money-back guarantee)

Because of its outstanding ability to unblock material,  ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for watching Netflix anywhere. It can get around geo-blocks on not only Netflix but other streaming services like Amazon Prime and Disney+. 

As one of the fastest VPNs, it also ensures blazing-fast connection speeds domestically and abroad. Any movie or TV show you choose will load and stream without lag or buffering, whether in full HD or 4K. Thanks to unlimited internet and data, you can stream as many films as you’d want. 

Don’t worry if you’re visiting a nation where VPNs are prohibited but still want to unwind by watching films. The obfuscation technology used by ExpressVPN servers scrambles your VPN traffic so that it is regular online traffic. ISPs and government agencies in the nation you are visiting won’t be able to identify your use of a VPN this way.

If you need to watch your favorite movie while traveling overseas, ExpressVPN is an excellent choice because it offers a seven-day free trial on mobile. The VPN is pricey if you choose the premium option. But, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can use the VPN for a limited time without paying anything.

NordVPN (30-day money-back guarantee and free trial)

NordVPN is even faster than ExpressVPN in many areas, especially when traveling long distances. The exclusive NordLynx protocol has increased the speed and reliability of NordVPN. Netflix movies can now be streamed in 4K or full HD as if the server were just next door.

Furthermore, there are no bandwidth restrictions to impede your progress. Additionally, NordVPN offers unlimited data, so you can binge-watch Netflix without worrying about being disconnected in the middle. Its unblocking capabilities have been enhanced, allowing you to access Netflix libraries worldwide immediately. 

As it uses obfuscation technologies, NordVPN is a fantastic choice for visitors to repressive nations. Contrary to ExpressVPN, the technology is not present on every server; instead, NordVPN offers a network of masked servers spread over 16 countries. If you need to conceal the fact that you’re using a VPN, see if NordVPN offers an obscured server for the Netflix area you want. 

Another helpful element in NordVPN’s toolbox is threat protection. It disables annoying adverts and pop-ups, some of which can contain malware. By doing this, connection speeds are increased, and you can stream Netflix without interruption or risk. Additionally, if you use a mobile connection to stream Netflix, disabling digital adverts can save you a lot of bandwidth.  

The seven-day free trial is sufficient if you’re on a business trip abroad and don’t want to take advantage of the hot new Netflix films. Download NordVPN from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to start the free trial. NordVPN is a less expensive ExpressVPN substitute with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want a VPN for the long term.

Surfshark (30-day money-back guarantee and free trial)

One of our top choices on the market is Surfshark, not only because it offers an affordable VPN but also because of its free 7-day trial. 

However, accessing Surfshark’s free trial can be tricky, so we’ll explain how. You must sign up using your phone because the free trial is only accessible on mobile devices. After you do that, a 7-day free trial should be made available to you. Accepting it will allow you to access your account from any device.

But taking advantage of Surfshark’s 30-day money-back guarantee is a better choice. Despite paying a small upfront fee, you’ll get a month to explore the program and decide if it’s right. If it isn’t, you can get a complete refund without questions.

The most important thing is that you can get access to Netflix libraries worldwide, wherever you are, regardless of whether you have chosen a genuinely free Netflix VPN or opted for a free trial. For instance, you could keep up with a show on vacation or a work trip. 

If a free VPN is an option, you must be aware of their restrictions. You can only view a few Netflix libraries using either of the free options because of their small server choices. Even if you have enough data, streaming in HD won’t be possible because connection speeds aren’t as fast as those of paid-for providers.

Therefore, a completely free Netflix VPN is not always the best option; nevertheless, if you can make one work for you, take advantage of it by all means. However, you won’t have to worry about these issues if you take advantage of a money-back guarantee or opt for free trial from a provider who can unquestionably access Netflix. More importantly, a VPN is not a tool for complete anonymity; there are other ways to protect your security online besides using a VPN. 

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