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Secure, Fast and Unlimited VPN Service by Surfshark

VPN Service by Surfshark
VPN Service by Surfshark

The internet has changed since it first became popular ten years ago. It is becoming increasingly constrained in the majority of nations, even those where human rights and liberties are upheld. For instance, the cost of a Netflix subscription is the same in every country in the world. But what takes place? Compared to American audiences, they only get to witness a limited selection of films and TV shows.

There are several instances of widespread internet inequity, and this is only one of them. A reliable virtual private network (VPN), like Surfshark, is one of the few solutions available today that can help you get around online limitations. The finest feature is that it performs far more than you’d think for such a low price, including protecting your privacy online and blocking viruses, trackers, and advertisements.

Why do I need a VPN and what is it?

The three-letter acronym is rising in popularity due to the aforementioned factors. means that the term “virtual private network” (VPN) is becoming popular worldwide. In a nutshell, a VPN is a tool that enables internet users to protect their online privacy. In essence, VPN programmes like Surfshark encrypt all data going to and from your devices. This protects you from snooping, ad targeting, and internet surveillance. By assigning a new IP address to your device, it conceals your true location. Nobody seeking to follow you online won’t be able to identify you this way.

VPN sites offer services that allow users to browse the internet securely and anonymously by encrypting their data and hiding their IP addresses. These websites provide access to various VPN software options, such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost, which help users protect their online privacy, bypass geo-restrictions, and avoid censorship. Many VPN sites also offer reviews, comparisons, and guides to help users choose the best VPN service for their needs

For instance, you can unlock Netflix Australia content by switching your current IP address to one that is located in Australia using Surfshark VPN. Simply put, the provider of entertainment services will assume that you are in Australia. And practically everything, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, etc., work with this.

Choose Surfshark VPN because…

Anyone considering Surfshark VPN should do so primarily due to its excellent value for money. The greatest deal on a VPN is now a 2-year subscription for just USD 2.21 a month when you buy their 2 years plan. With their two-year plan, you get 3 months free. The fact that Surfshark permits an unlimited number of connections at once is quite alluring. It implies that a single account may be used by as many devices and users as you choose. Consequently, it’s more than adequate to safeguard the entire family or even a small business.

For a premium VPN, Surfshark provides everything you need. When your VPN connection stops, a kill switch safeguards your safety by cutting off your access to the internet. Additionally, it has a very stringent no logs policy that makes sure that no information about you is retained or gathered. Oh, and IP masking and Zero-knowledge DNS are included in the package by default as well.

What are the top features of Surfshark VPN?

As the fundamental attributes of this amazing VPN have already been discussed, let’s explore Surfshark in more detail. The first benefit is that it grants access to Netflix libraries in a number of different countries, including those in the US, France, Japan, Australia, and more. This also applies to services like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Second, it supports torrents. It’s 500+ strategically placed servers across 50 nations guarantee excellent speeds for all customers at all times, and the Surfshark customer support team does everything possible to address any user issue via live chat or ticketing system around-the-clock.

Another fantastic feature of Surfshark is its CleanWeb feature, which functions similarly to an ad blocker but also guards against malware, trackers, and phishing attempts. The fact that it operates at the DNS level means that even websites that forbid ad blockers are unable to detect Surfshark’s CleanWeb.

Surfshark provides a two-level split tunnelling function called Whitelister as the cherry on top of the pie. In essence, this feature enables users to select programmes and websites that do not require a VPN connection to be opened. This is quite helpful for a variety of apps that depend on the user’s location to function, such as apps for baking, parking, vehicle sharing, and other uses. If that weren’t enough, Surfshark offers a highly uncommon feature not available in other VPNs: the ability to whitelist particular URLs.

Are you sure Surfshark is safe? Review by an expert of SurfShark

The security of Surfshark is beyond question. In addition to the previously mentioned Kill switch, AES 256 GCM encryption, and no logs policy, it provides MultiHop capabilities for privacy enthusiasts. In general, a double VPN connects to a chosen location by splitting user traffic between two different VPN servers in different nations, making it very hard to track.

The fact that Surfshark operates in repressive nations like China is one of the factors that make it stand out in the market. Surfshark includes a special NoBorders mode that ensures smooth operation in regions where the internet is closely regulated and scrutinised by governmental organizations. Even individual internet service providers wouldn’t know that their client is utilizing a VPN because of this mode’s server obfuscation functionality.

The speed of Surfshark.

IKEv2/IPsec is the standard security protocol offered by Surfshark on all of its programmes for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. It is an extremely quick and secure protocol that works several times faster than the widely used OpenVPN. Additionally, IKEv2/IPsec is well renowned for being helpful for any device’s battery because it uses less power than other protocols.

The results of our speed tests of Surfshark in several locales were astounding. Sincerely, we’ve never experienced a VPN that was as quick as Surfshark.

When we tested the London server, the upload speed actually went up a little bit while the connection speed with Surfshark barely changed at all. This test demonstrated that Surfshark is the quickest VPN we’ve ever used because the ping remained essentially unchanged.

We selected servers located in various regions of the country for the second test.

And much better outcomes were obtained. This time, Surfshark increased download speed without it. This might only imply that our internet provider is partially slowing down our connection speeds. While the ping only slightly rose, the upload speed with Surfshark stayed largely the same.


Our investigation revealed that Surfshark should be your top pick if you’re seeking for an inexpensive, quick, simple, and dependable VPN. It is a premium service that includes some excellent features that are not even available in the apps of the most well-known VPN service providers. Given how excellent Surfshark is, it’s reasonable to think that the $1.99 per month for a 2-year plan offer won’t last for long, so you should act quickly.


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