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How to Fix Firestick Not Turning On?

Fix Firestick
Fix Firestick

People while streaming some entertaining and their most loved content, generally go for choosing firestick. There are several other streaming services that offer lots of channels, and features, but the greatest reason to use firestick is its brand value and its easy configuration. It is primarily a media streaming device, not only helping stream video but also installing various apps to play music on your TV and many more.

Though Firestick is popular among people, and many suggest it as the most used streaming device among all, there are certain issues you can face while this device. Despite the cool experience it offers, some people have also complained of the issues they’ve faced, with the firestick not turning on, one of the significant ones among them. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail some fixes you can apply to get the issue fixed, and you can continue your streaming service with ease.

Check your Router

Arguably the greatest reason behind your firestick not turning on is an unstable internet connection. To run your amazon firestick smoothly, you need to ensure that a strong, as well as stable internet connection, is available at your home, which will help your Wifi router run smoothly. Though your firestick might not run well, if it is not getting the connection smoothly, despite the fact that a wifi router is present at your home.

In that case, your router might have any problem, and you need to reset it. You can simply click on the power button of your router, unplug it from the power outlet, and then wait for 30 seconds and then plug everything back. If resetting doesn’t help, then try bringing the router closer to your TV or firestick, so it gets the signal properly.

Fix your Firestick remote

Another reason behind your Firestick not turning on is your firestick remote. Even this problem happens the most when the firestick remote gets malfunctions or shows any glitches. For any glitch in the firestick remote, your firestick device can also freeze. To deal with that, you can check out why my firestick is frozen and how can I unfreeze it. Apart from getting frozen, it can also just simply not work, as it might not get the proper signals from your remote, which are needed to operate the firestick connected to the TV.

You can reset the remote, by putting the batteries out of the device, keeping it for some time, and then putting it back again. This will drain the residual power present in the remote, eventually removing the glitches if any. Also, the batteries might be a major problem here, and in that case, you need to replace the batteries.

Apply a power cycle

There can be various instances where the problem wasn’t primarily with your firestick device or even the remote, rather the problem can happen with your TV. You can face a common problem, which is called the black screen problem, where no content is visible. You might hear the sound coming from the TV, but the content remains invisible. Though it isn’t a big deal and can be fixed easily by applying a power cycle.

Simply, turn off your TV, unplug it from the wall socket, and keep it at least for 60 seconds. Like resetting the remote, your TV will also drain all the residual power by this time, and you can then plug your TV back, into the socket, and power on the TV. It will fix your problem, and you’ll be able to run your streaming device with ease.

Fix Loose Connections

Another reason for which your firestick might not turn on is loose connections on your TV. This problem is more or less the same as the previous one when your TV gets malfunctions and you need to apply a power cycle. Well, in this case, your firestick device or the remote doesn’t have any problems too, but there might be any loose connections in your TV, which are needed to be fixed correctly to run the streaming device.

Check your TV correctly from all angles and see if all the wires are connected to your TV correctly or not. In addition to that, it is also possible that your firestick device isn’t connected properly to the TV. In this regard, you need to ensure that your firestick device is compatible with the TV, and connected properly. If it is not compatible then either you need to buy a new firestick or perha[s a new TV, else connect it properly to ensure easy streaming.

Change Power Sockets

Another fic which you can apply is to simply change the power socket. Many times power sockets are also responsible for your firestick not turning on. It generates low power, which is not enough for the streaming device to run properly or not even turn on your TV.

In that case, plug in your TV to another power socket or even repair the current one by seeing it to a mechanic. Or if you see that the new power socket is far from your TV, then you can also use a spide spike booster or even an extension cord. Though it is generally recommended to connect your TV plug-ins to a wall socket, in case you face an emergency then use this solution.

Bottom Line

These were some common fixes that you can apply to fix the firestick not turning on. In most cases, these types of problems aren’t going to happen if you use a brand new model, but in case it does, then apply the aforementioned solutions. Also, if the firestick is old, and is not getting fixed even after applying the fixes, then it is recommended to take it to the Amazon Help center or call a customer service company.


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