How To Predict Brand New Trends and Catch on Them

predict new trends
predict new trends

How often have you seen videos or blog posts where content creators are showing what is trending today and the most optimal clothes you need to stay relevant to fashion? But have you ever been interested in how the trends start? What is that magical force that remains behind the jeans you don’t need that you bought last week?

Get ready because today, we will dive deep into this topic to find out who (or what) starts the trends and whether you can predict them like your hand in the New Zealand online kasino poker game. Spoiler alert: you totally can!

What trends are?

Before discovering what the origins of the trends are, it would be best if we defined what the trend is. The trend is kind of a new direction that takes a turn after something that we have already seen. After an uncertain time, the trend will become something that we are used to, which will stop it from being a trend. When more time passes, things that were trends might completely disappear from our everyday life, making them dissolve in history.

What is interesting is that trends can be resurrected. How does it work? Well, if people are not seeing a certain piece for a long time, their brain puts it on the shelf of forgotten things. And if something from this shelf is taken and put in our everyday life again, it will be perceived as something new, having all the chances to become a trend again.

Who is in charge of trends?

As you probably already think, all trends come from the human mind. But who is that person capable of dressing our whole planet? There are a couple of categories that can do it.

Major designers

Reputable designers like Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Balenciaga, etc., have all the recourses needed to put their clothing ideas to the masses:

  • Fame. Their fashion shows are popular enough to be watched from all around the world. It makes it easier for such designers to bring their fashion idea to more people, giving them more chances of becoming a trend;
  • Funding. Creating new clothing is not a cheap process. Industry-leading designers have all the funds and recourses required to create unique pieces of outstanding quality;
  • Creative talent. Getting a spark in mind that will make all the world wear your clothing is not easy. Reputable designers have proven their talent and ability to create worthy clothing through the years, getting much trust from the audience.

Celebrities and influencers

Despite the high popularity of famous fashion shows, they are insufficient to dress people in a certain piece worldwide. As marketing teaches us, humans want to follow people who they look up to. And who will suit better under that category than celebrities and influencers?

Once the pop star that holds a position at the top of the charts enters a live event in a certain piece that is unique to the audience, it gets lots of attention. Mass market professionals always track that stuff, and if they find an item perspective, they put it into work. After that, the snowball effect is launched. More mass cloth producers start to make similar silhouettes allowing the trend to conquer the whole market.

Can you foresee the fashion?

predict new trends

predict new trends

Predicting future trends is a tough but very doable task. First of all, we recommend you examine how fashion trends tend to return. For example, the style of the 80- the 90s was very popular in recent years. But lately, more celebrities like Harry Styles are bringing back the esthetics of the 70s. So it is possible that the next era we will be looking at will be the 60s.

Constant tracking of fashion shows is another good habit for a person that wants to see future trends. With some experience, you will understand what direction the fashion is moving in, allowing you to know what is coming next.

What also might be helpful is listening to fashion content creators. They usually do most of the job for you and use their videos to present their analysis and predictions.

Neelum Malik is an Editor at Bestkoditips experiencing SEO strategies and knowledge about online educational platforms. Prior to her work as an Editor, Neelum worked in IT across a number of industries, including banking, retail, and software.

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