Simple rules for a comfortable game in Destiny 2

rules of Destiny 2
rules of Destiny 2

MMO shooter from the company Bungie is experiencing a new influx of players thanks to the release of new updates.

The influx of players also means the emergence of many newcomers who have yet to conquer the gaming planets.

In this article, we will discuss the main points that you should consider when starting a game in Destiny 2 so that the game is comfortable.

In the game, all events develop in seasons, Destiny 2 season 18 is next

rules of Destiny 2

rules of Destiny 2


At the start, all players will be sent to compulsory training, you can’t miss it, and there’s no reason to.

The developers have slightly reworked the beginner training system, and now it all comes down to simple quests that will reveal the basic mechanics of the game, handling weapons, shooting, and skills, introduce you to the interface and introduce you to the introductory chapter of the general narrative that tells the whole story of Destiny 2, which stretches and recycled since the first project from the Bungie company.

Character selection

Choosing a class will begin your journey into the game world of Destiny 2, on the one hand, you should approach responsibly and take into account your character and style of play, but since recreating a character is not a problem, I would advise you to try every one.

There are three classes:

  • Titanium
  • Hunter
  • Warlock


Titan is a classic knight in the realities of the fantasy world. Prefers heavy armor and close combat. Suitable for players who love to be at the forefront of the attack, absorb damage, and protect allies.

According to the game plot, it was the titans who built a protective wall to protect the city from the darkness. In a city born from the power of the Titans, they swore an oath that no power could destroy the city they created.

The power of the titans is passed down from generation to generation, and the face of the protector in armor gives the appearance of gods in the eyes of the locals.

According to the developers, the prototype for the titan was the idea of ​​people about the soldiers of the future. A massive, well-protected soldier, designed to protect allies from any type of damage.


In Warlock, the bungee mixes abilities reminiscent of magic and the classic shooter from the distant future.

According to the game plot, the Warlocks are mostly wanderers who have a craving for knowledge and dedicate their lives to the fight against darkness.

Like the rest of the classes, Warlock is primarily a shooter, and magic is used to repel close attacks.

The class is famous for massive attacks, not as powerful as those of a titan and a hunter, but the AoE effect compensates for the lack of damage.


The hunter in the world of Destiny 2 is presented as a sniper from the special forces of the future.

From weapons, he prefers long-range sniper rifles, rarely resorts to close combat, and if the situation forces him, he uses smoke as a disguise and a blade to destroy opponents.

According to the game plot, these are some surviving wanderers from distant lands, famous hunters, and specialists in killing opponents. They are distinguished by an original cloak, according to an old custom, hunters take the cloaks of their fallen comrades in order to complete the work they have begun.

Thanks to a wide choice of subclasses, the hunter can take on the role of not only a classic sniper, but a medium-range shooter, or a melee warrior – a dagger.

What’s next

Having picked up a game class, the game will immediately lead us along the narrative lines that tell the stories of planets, classes, and main storylines.

The player will have to go through the main tasks and master new types of activities.


Missions in which the task of three players is to enter the playing area, clear it of monsters, and destroy the main boss. The activity is designed for a large amount of action and a reward in the form of game money, weapons, and armor.


A more complex type of strikes. Players unite in large squads to challenge hordes of monsters and fight and defeat the main boss. Raids are divided by difficulty levels. The more epic the raid, the more difficult the boss, and the harder it is to defeat, but the reward is appropriate.


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