Why Am I Getting a Package From Auctane Shipstation? Is it Scam

Why Am I Getting a Package From Auctane Shipstation

With the advancements in modern technology, our needs have also advanced. These days, internet users mostly rely on digital shopping. Whether online food ordering, medicine, cloth shopping, or anything else, it is readily available and accessible at the doorstop. With the ease of online shopping, it is more convenient to get online shopping packages at doorstep from different shipment companies.

Regular tradition is when we order, or someone parcels something for us, and we receive the shipment. There are also cases when we have not ordered anything, and still, our doorbell rings for parcel delivery. It can be frustrating or exciting, depending on the parcel. For some people, this issue has occurred with Auctane Shipstation. 

In this guide, we will explore getting a package from Auctane Shipstation and the reasons behind it. 

What is an Auctane Shipstation?

So, what is Shipstation? Like FedEx or any other courier company, Shipstation is another famous name in the shipment management industry. Popular online businesses use Auctane ShipStation as their courier company to pick up and deliver their products to customers. Without companies like Auctane ShipStation, the online shopping industry is nothing, as the eCommerce store cannot manage this part of the business. 

How do Auctane Shipstation and Other Courier Companies work?

When we order a product from an online store, say eBay, Amazon, BestBuy, or any other one, the process starts from the time of our order placement and goes on until we receive it. Many departments do their part to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of the products. The eCommerce store takes your order, locates the product in the warehouse, does packaging, adds address labels and other requirements to the package, and then handovers the product to the courier company, such as Auctane Shipstation. 

Why Am I Receiving an Unknown Parcel From Auctane ShipStation?

A question arises: If everything is managed with extensive care, why am I getting a package from Auctane Shipstation without ordering it?  

If you receive an unknown parcel from Auctane ShipStation for some reason, check the points below before returning it to the carrier company. 

You Received Email Mistakenly

If you have received an email regarding the courier, you should ignore it even if you have not ordered it. Most of the time, scammers use this tactic to steal your data. Call the Auctane Shipstation and confirm 

You might have received a gift. 

We get points based on our shopping history when we shop at the same eCommerce store for some time. This may be the case, as the store changed your points to a gift and delivered it to you. In this case, read the package details properly before returning it. 

Subscription-based product 

Subscription-based models are also trending these days. Subscription-based products are standard due to lower prices and better discounts. As it is a common practice these days, you might forget after a subscription for a product. In this case, when you receive the product, you may be shocked, but before returning it, you must check all your subscriptions and read the package description carefully. 

A mistake made by the Delivery Man 

If the above options are invalid, your delivery boy may have mistakenly delivered a package to your doorstep. Although the packaging is handled with complete care, human error can still happen. Products mistakenly delivered to your door is not a common practice, and it happens rarely. 

Things You Need to Do When Getting an Uknown Package From Auctane shipstation

If you receive an unknown package from Auctane Shipstation, you should follow the steps below to avoid any future problems. 

Check the Package Details

When you receive a package you have yet to order from Auctane ShipStation, check the sender’s details before further action. Wait to open the package or sign the acceptance papers. Check the sender’s name on the package and learn about the product inside. Avoid acceptance if you think the product is not for you or contains suspicious things. If the product is relevant to you, then accept it. 

Open the Package

If the product is legitimate, then open it carefully and check for the product inside. If something against the law is inside the package, hand it to nearby law enforcement authorities. If everything seems reasonable, ask Auctane ShipStation for the sender’s details. After receiving the details, enjoy using the product as it is for you. 

Final Words

Due to modern technology and ease, online shopping is becoming a new normal. It is easier than traditional physical shopping. The issue we described above happens to be less than 0.001%, but the fact is that it happens. In some cases, it might be a problem; in others, it might be an exciting experience. In the guide, we have discussed all the possible elements that cause unknown package delivery from Auctane ShipStation. Follow the proper protocol, as mishandling may cause severe issues for you. 

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