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Amazon Fire TV Tips and Tricks – Boost your Live Streaming

7 Best Tips and Tricks to Get Best from Amazon Fire TV

Those having Amazon Fire TV must be aware of the fact that it makes your TV cleverer. As compared to its price Fire TV offers more than a hundred times of entertainment. What it needs is the HD variety on your TV. Its 4K version is yet more powerful for splashing out extra UHD pixels.

There are 2 models for Fire TV. Fire box supports both HDR video and Ultra HD whereas Fire Stick supports resolution of 1080p. For setting up either of these models, you need to simply plug-in to HDMI port located on TV and then use remote for following on-screen details for connecting to the internet as well as for selecting desired apps.

Both Fire Box and Fire Stick are similar in functionality. Following we have gathered some of the tips & tricks that would help you in getting the best out of your Fire TV. Fire TV from Amazon is streaming player that allows watching videos, listening to music, playing games and using other apps from the internet all on a single platform i.e. your TV. So here we go with following 7 best tips and tricks to get the best from Amazon Fire TV.

7 Best Tips and Tricks to Get Best from Amazon Fire TV Stick

1. Alexa And The Best Use Of It For Fire TV

Alexa is available for both Fire Stick and Fire 4K TV. You can also make better use of its voice assistance. Alexa can do lots of things for you as you direct her. These include finding name based content, finding an actor or genre-based content, playing music or controlling playback etc.

You can also dig deep Netflix content if you have a subscription. If you are not sure how to get Alexa on Fire TV simply go to settings and then choose Alexa and then things for inspiration. You are all done.

2. Forget the Remote

Similar to many other roughly important things, remote of Fire TV has the same status. What if you drop it at the sofa`s back and never try to get it again. This would be true if your intention is to escape from the use of the remote.

There is an app that can help with android and iOS stuff. This app is capable of doing everything for which you otherwise need a remote, in fact even better. Alexa commands can also be built into it.

Browsing the apps and navigating interface can be done following exactly the same pattern. It also allows the use of actual keyboard to input passwords quickly and easily.

3. Install a VPN For Amazon Fire TV

VPN stands for virtual private network. Use of VPN is highly recommended as it offers great benefits. Fire Stick is a cost-effective USB styled device that allows access to hundreds of TV shows, Movies as well as other entertainment content.

VPN is great for providing faster & secure streaming experience. It must be installed to access blocked and geo-restricted sites. You can use VPN for enjoying anonymous search activity on the internet. It is also great for downloading data from restricted sites. This will allow you to get all restricted entertainment while being a ghost to servers.

To get access to unlimited media on Amazon Fire TV don’t miss using a VPN. Point of consideration for VPN is that it works for 2nd generation Stick. Other than this limitation it is a vast sea of surf and searches the internet with no limit.

You can choose from multiple VPNs available but a review on IP Vanish indicates that this VPN has far more impressive features than other VPNs in the market.

4. Get Set And Go With Games

Among many things distinguishing between Fire TV and other competitors is the quality of games and a wide selection of those games. Users get benefit from more titles. In order to ensure serious enjoyment choice for upgrading to Fire-TV game controller is also available.

This game controller comes with dual joysticks, D-pad & shoulder buttons to take-on tougher stuff. It also features functionality possible with regular remote of Alexa. So you won`t be chopping and changing gaming & box sets.

5. Enjoy Movie Night

If you want to fully enjoy your movie night without bothering any home person, get it done with headphones. Even the loudest shows would give same loudly enjoyment with your headphones. These headphones are Bluetooth so you won’t be required to stick close to a device for that purpose. Just lie down on the sofa and play the movie. The preferable genre for a better movie night is “action”. To get these Bluetooth headphones installed go to settings and then controllers & Bluetooth devices. Here you will be choosing Bluetooth devices with the purpose of headphones pairing.

6. Avoiding Targeted Advertising

You may call us someone who is brainwashed but we have got it right for you. You can now have personalized advertising thrown to users as per their interests. Or you may be loving songs of a particular artist or may be interested in knowing about some special celebrity or you want to get info about availabilities of things of Amazon or new things arrivals.

All this can be specifically focused on the use of a turn off the feature. This turn-off feature will turn-off any kind of targeted advertising otherwise appearing on your Fire TV. You will still be getting ads but these will be all bog standard material and not based on random clicks. For turning off targeted advertisement go to settings and then preferences and at last to advertising ID.

7. Selecting Personalized Screensavers With Photos

When Fire TV is left twiddling thumbs for a long time it will kick-off photo rolls of brilliant sceneries. If you want to change those photos with the one taken by you or the ones you love to have as a screensaver, you can do so by going to display settings. For this purpose, you will be required to use prime photos.

It is storage of unlimited cloud of photos that come with a prime package. Those having amazon tablets can use any photos taken by them and easily upload those photos. There is also an option for downloading the app for phone or you can choose it through a browser.

Final Words

All these tips and tricks are best for enjoying your Amazon Fire TV to the best extent. If you try any of these,
then it is confirmed that you will get the best output from Amazon Fire TV.

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