How to Access Paymath Official Net? Login, Reset Password

Paymath login

Are you looking to make money online is the easiest way? Paymath is here for you. It is a legal online money making platform for the people of the Philippines. In Paymath, you must solve basic math questions that include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.

What is Paymath?

For all those who want a simple platform, it is highly recommended. People of the Philippines can use local payment gateways such as Paymaya and Smart Padala to withdraw money from Paymath. 


Here, in this guide, the complete method of Paymath official login and signup is explained. For new users, creating and registering a new account is necessary. However, for existing customers, the Paymath login link is recommended. If you don’t have an account, then stick around here. You will find the complete guide to Paymath login and sign up. 

Paymath Official Net Login and Registration Explained

If you are having trouble accessing the paymath login page or want to know about the premium elements of Paymath, follow this step by step guide. Furthermore, you will also learn about the latest news, Paymath reviews and other information about Paymath. 

PayMath Login 

  • Open in a web browser and go to the login page 
  • Use your login information (username and password) 
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button 
  • All done, you are not logged into the Paymath portal. 

Paymath Free Registration 

It is free to log in and register on the PayMath portal. Here in this section, the paymath free registration is explained. You can use your phone number or computer to register on Paymath official.  

  • Enter in a web browser 
  • Fill out the registration form on the Paymath free registration page 

Submit the form. You will need your complete name, email ID and a preferred password for registration. 

Who is the Owner of PayMath 

The name of the CEO of PayMath is Patrick A Ahad. He is also the Co-founder and Managing Director of the app. 

Paymath APK Download 

PayMath for earning money online is a legal platform, and there are no objections from the law enforcement authorities of the Philippines. Go to Google Play Store to download Paymath App on your smartphone. 

PayMath Official Net Customers Reviews 

There are good ratings of PayMath on Trustpilot. Click on this link ( to learn about its reviews. 

PayMath Program Facebook Page 

Here is the link to its Facebook page (, where you can find the latest updates about PayMath. 

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