What To Do If You Get Hacked!

What To Do If You Get Hacked

Digital security is a very important element of today’s life. No one is safe from their data being stolen. Ashton Kutcher, Russell Crowe, Mark Zuckerberg – this is far from a complete list of famous persons whose computers have been hacked. Hackers are trying to gain access to other people’s devices for a variety of purposes, from sending banal spam from your email address to using personal information for personal gain, and your job is to protect your PC in every way possible.

How does it happen?

In most cases, the hacker role is done by a specific program that gets onto your PC in one of the possible ways. To put it simply, harmful software is most often referred to as viruses. You can protect your computer from unauthorized access and intrusion into your personal space with an antivirus program. In this case, the system will warn you if you are trying to download malicious or suspicious software, but even it is not able to protect you as you need it. All programs can be divided into several types according to their level of harm:


Worm infiltration can occur even if you are not downloading anything but just visiting suspicious sites. This threat is a spreader of other threats;


Trojans are not harmful to your computer, but they can harm the owner of the device because they allow you to read your actions (e.g. keystrokes, password entries, etc.);

It’s very important to contact the lawyer at  if you notice any operation being provided using your stolen personal data.


The penetration of viruses is accompanied by direct destruction of the system: deletion of important files, changes in settings, clogging of the hard drive, disabling of the entire computer.

What to do?

If it’s a work device

If you find that your device has been hacked, you should act as quickly as possible. In case it is a work computer or device, do not try to fix the problem yourself.

Not because you might do more damage, just because you might inadvertently remove traces that could be used to investigate the incident. Immediately report on the incident to your employer, contact Customer Service, Security, or your supervisor.

 If for some reason you are unable to contact your employer, or you are worried that you will lose a lot of time, the first thing to do is to unplug your computer or device and put it on sleep, standby, or “airplane” mode. 

Don’t forget to read our tips about making your work device more secure.

If it’s your device

 If it is your personal computer or device, you should do the following :

  • Change passwords

Immediately change the passwords of all vulnerable services, as well as those linked to them and those that have the same password. And don’t ever use your old password again. It’s a good idea to change passwords every six months – it’s an important part of your Internet routine. But now you’ve been hacked, so you can’t avoid changing your passwords this time.

  • Turn off the internet

If you feel that your Windows PC may have been hacked, you should disconnect from the Internet, boot into safe mode, and run a full deep scan of your anti-virus software. If your security software has been disabled, use a good on-demand antivirus scanner. and run it from an external drive or USB.

  • Check your financial accounts

If your financial account has been compromised, closely monitor your accounts and account activity. Make sure your payment accounts do not have new shipping addresses, new payment methods added, or new accounts connected. This is especially important for accounts that allow you to pay with a single click or issue payment cards.

  • Take the control back 

Most services have their mechanics for returning an account after it has been compromised. Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo have such mechanics. Most of the time, you just have to answer a few questions about your account. Facebook uses a more innovative method based on confirming your identity with your friends. As a last resort, you will have to go to the local office of the service and show documents, after which control of the account will be returned to you.

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