Can You Play Fortnite VR on Meta Quest 2 & 3?

Can You Play Fortnite VR on Meta Quest 2 & 3

Fortnite is a popular multiplayer game from Epic Games. It is a royal-style game with engaging free-to-play models and regular updates. In the Fortnite game, all the players compete with each other on an Island. 

The game is based on competition, shooting, buildings, and survival. This is an epic game, and you might be looking for the answer to whether you can play Fortnite on Meta Quest 2 & 3. In this guide, you will find the answer to this question. 

Can You Play Fortnite on Meta Quest 2 and 3? 

You can play Fortnite on Meta Quest 2 and 3; however, it is not available on virtual reality gaming platforms. Fortnite’s CEO has already disclosed that there is no VR version of Fortnite, and there is no chance of making it available on virtual reality platforms shortly. 

Is Fortnite Available In VR?

Natively, Fortnite is not available in VR. It is available on PC and can be played via the Epic Games launcher, but it is still unavailable in virtual reality. But you can play it on your Quest 2 and Quest 2; here is how to do this. 

How do you play Fortnite on Meta Quest 2 or 3?

Epic Games’ Fortnite is unavailable on VR, but you can use tricks to play it on Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest 3. With the help of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Meta Quest, Fortnite is easy to play and is much easier than before. You just need to download Xbox Cloud Gaming on your system and connect it to your Microsoft account. 

You don’t need a Game Pass Ultimate to play Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Log in to the Microsoft account, navigate the game, and start playing it immediately. You need to have a controller for using Meta Quest 2 or 3. 

Final Words; 

Although you can’t enjoy the whole VR experience with Xbox Cloud Gaming, with the help of a virtual screen, you can play the game in VR mode. It allows you to adjust the screen size according to your needs. Thanks to the Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can enjoy Fortnite on your Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3. With the help of modern gaming technology, it is easier than before to enjoy Fortnite in VR mode. 

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