8 Ways to Hang Out if You Have Classes Tomorrow Morning

8 Ways to Hang Out if You Have Classes Tomorrow Morning

We’ve compiled a listicle of hacks that students can use to hang out with their peers and loved ones, without missing class the next day.

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Wake Up Earlier Than Usual

Waking up early is a full-proof guarantee that students can free up the rest of their day, granted that they don’t have a considerable workload to catch up with. A good way to have time to hang out with friends knowing you have classes the next day is to get out of bed as early as you can and finish all your responsibilities as early as you can.

This is pragmatic and stress-reducing for students because:

  • They can finish their work and responsibilities earlier, and not have to worry about them for the rest of the day.
  • Get more things done for the upcoming days, giving them more leisure time with their peers.
  • They’ll get into the habit of completing tasks early and not give in to severe procrastination.

Let Them Come to You

Students can tell their peers to travel to them, instead of vice versa. They can host their friends at their own flats/residences so that they can avoid having to commute somewhere – especially if it’s far away.

If you don’t have much time to spare, save it by bringing the hang-out to your place.

Hosting can be fun. Students can prep up their space, buy snacks and drinks, pick out movies or games everyone can watch, and play together – all in the comfort of their own places.

Get Some Sleep During the Day

Sleep is a great booster for some extra energy. If students plan on going out to hang with their groups at the end of the day, they’ll probably end up coming home super late and getting the bare minimum of sleep (and all this before class tomorrow morning).

If they take maybe one or two catnaps during the day, they won’t be so burnt out at the end, and they’ll probably be in better shape for the next day’s classes.

Here’s how you can catnap:

  • Drink some sleep-inducing tea like camomile, so it’s easier to get to sleep
  • Catnaps usually last up to 20 mins. However, it’s not terrible to nap for 30 mins to an hour (more than that, and people usually feel groggy)
  • Put on some music without vocals

Train your body to nap with ease, it won’t come automatically to everyone. Patience will take you there.

Go Somewhere Close By

Go to a chill park, a nice quaint café, or just a quiet and uninterrupted spot where everyone can have a good time – but go close by. Students can avoid having to commute for so long, and possibly running into problems along the way, if they want to hang out but have classes the next day. People don’t often realize how many good spots they can actually find around their own neighborhood.


Sleepovers can be a fun way to hang out without worrying too much about classes the next day since students can spend time together and just go to sleep right after. It’s a sure-fire way to kill two birds with one stone, and just like any other hangout, it can be extremely fun with the right people.

By sleepover, we don’t mean the ones where you build a fort – obviously. Students can just do what they usually do when they’re together. So, find out who’s willing to host!

Do Work Together

If you really want to spend time with your peers, but you’re caught up in a busy schedule then why not meet up to study/work together. Evidently, this isn’t the most fun way to spend time together, but it’s an option students can consider if they’re really missing their friends and want to beat their busy schedules.

It can be a bit distracting at the start, but if everyone agrees on doing some serious work, finishing it might actually be faster. Students can just hang out directly after since they’ve already grouped up.

Zoom/Facetime Calls

Unable to follow-through with meeting up physically? Still want to talk and see your friends? Students can schedule group calls through the many messenger platforms on their devices to get in touch with their close ones. If they all live far away from each other, this is a good way to catch up with one another even if the distance proves a bit difficult to meet up right away.

It’s nothing like the real thing, but in the midst of a busy schedule in college, it’s a way to go. And besides conversations, there’s a lot of other things students can still do through video chats like interactive games, and so on. 

Change Plans

Sometimes plans just won’t be possible to follow through with and that’s alright. If students have obligatory coursework that they need to hand in for the next day’s classes, it’s going to be tough to juggle that with anything else throughout the day (especially if they haven’t finished it). Change plans if you need to, to avoid having too much to do in a day.

There will always be another day to meet up and have fun. Students will only add to their stress if they pack their schedule with too many obligations and plans – why not hang out in complete peace on a free day?


Luckily, students won’t have to juggle school and social life too much during summer, and maybe afford some more time to just unwind, but we hope that our pointers will help out those in a dilemma the next time they want to have a good time with their peers!

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