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How to Fix Sim Not Provisioned mm#2 Error | Proven Methods

How to fix SIM not provisioned MM2

SIM card errors have plagued our phones since the release of the TF cards. They always have you questioning whether you did not attach the sim correctly or if it’s just the ramification of getting a new phone. 

Whatever it is, the provisioned error is especially annoying to deal with. The issues of provisioned sim errors can range from new phone problems all the way to just blatant sim card issues. Sometimes it may even require you to get a whole new card. 

With that being said, let’s get into the details and fix a specification of the provisioned error called the “SIM not provisioned MM2”. Because like any escape room, it is important to solve the puzzles in regards to your sim providers. 

How to fix sim not provisioned MM2

What exactly is the SIM not provisioned MM#2 error? And what does it really entail? 

If you are not aware, all sim cards contain a unique number that holds specific information about your phone account. The IMEI number in your sim is what enables your phone to be identified with your mobile network, only after which you can access the internet and make calls.

To properly explain the “sim not provisioned mm2” variety of messages, it is first very important we establish the meaning of the word ‘provisioned.’ In simple words, the term provision simply means the act of supplying or providing something. With that logic, you will receive a provision error only when your sim card is not able to share info between your sim provider and your phone. 

The good news is that the provision error mostly only affects people who are yet to register their new sim card with their phones. So, if you get a provision error on an old sim card, you might need to consider replacing it altogether.  

How to fix sim not provisioned MM2

With the basics and some reasoning out of the way, we can finally get to solving this conundrum of provision errors, which are all very similar, by the way.  

5 Easy fixes to “SIM not provisioned MM#2” errors 


It seems way too simple, but it is entirely possible that your sim could not associate with your new phone. If that is trouble you think is plausible, simply restart your phone the regular way. It should not take up much of your time and could end up fixing your problem for you. 

Inserting your sim card in the right manner: 

Nothing can be ruled out in an error like this because such errors are not very likely to occur. But, one reason a provision error could come up is if you have not inserted your sim into the sim card slot properly. Start by checking if you added it to the right slot; if yes, then check if the sim fits well. 

Sometimes the sim can be a little bigger than the slot on the phone, and you might have to snip it just the right amount. Here are some steps you can take; 

  • Open the back of the phone and potentially the battery if you have a cheaper or older phone, and gain access to the sim slots. Then check if the sim is sitting properly in its slot. 
  • If you have a good, flagship-level phone, the caddy should be somewhere along the side of the phone. Simply use a small, needle-like object to push open the caddy and gain access to the sim slots to check the fit of the sim. 

Yes, the process of getting to the slots can be tiresome, but once done, make sure you dust off any debris from the sim with a cloth. While inserting it into the right slot, there is usually a picture along the side of the slot itself that will tell you the correct position; simply follow that and add the sim. 

Once all that is done, restart your phone and see if the provision error is gone. If not, try the sim on another phone to see if it’s a sim problem or otherwise. 

Activate sim: 

In an ideal scenario, your sim card should generally activate by itself in 24 hours once inserted into the right slot perfectly. However, if that does not happen, then there are a few steps of action you can take to solve that issue. 

  • Try calling an automated number. 
  • Try sending an SMS. 
  •   Visit the SIM carrier’s website and log into its activation page to see if your sim is activated. 

Although most, if not all, of these options, are pretty straightforward, it always comes down to the carrier if it supports these options. 

Try getting in touch with your network provider: 

If you have tried almost everything and the sim still fails to activate, it may ultimately be time to call your network or carrier provider (obviously from another device) and explain to them your concerns with sim activation. Make sure you mention what error message you’re dealing with and the actions to correct it that you have taken so far. 

As mentioned earlier, the problem with your sim not activating could very well lie within the provider and their activation servers. The server error can more than definitely cause sim activation problems that lead to such provisional errors.  

Time to move on and change: 

Ultimately, if all your efforts go in vain, your last and only choice that is sure to get you a working sim is to get a new sim entirely. You can also be fancy and request an eSIM for your device if it supports that kind of thing. 


And there you have it, that is a detailed explanation and almost all of the fixes related to the “SIM not provisioned MM#2” error. Like we mentioned earlier, most provision errors are very similar, and they all require similar fixes as well, so do not feel shy to try them all out. 

Yes, these errors are ridiculous and highly infuriating because of either your own fault at not attaching the sim properly or the fault of the provider that can be even more stressful. But, these solutions are sure to help you more than you imagine and have you experience your SIM to the maximum of its capacity. 

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