What is the Best VPN to Unblock Whatsapp Calling in Dubai, UAE

how to unblock whatsapp calling in uae
Some countries have got legislation and cybersecurity laws to protect their users’ privacy over the internet. The legislation can include the blockage of features or some apps or services. Similarly, in Dubai and some Arab countries calling apps are restricted due to the internal affairs of UAE’s authorities and somehow due to the security/privacy concerns. Best and the widely used WhatsApp like free calling apps don’t work in those areas.
This is a high concern for all those who are living in the UAE and want to call their family members back home. Cellular networks are expensive for long calls so, that’s a problem for those who need free WhatsApp calling to connect their loved ones; you know to every problem there’s a solution and same applies for unblocking WhatsApp calling, too.

What’s the best solution to unblock Whatsapp Calling?

There can be several ways including simple and the complex ones to unblock the Whatsapp App in UAE. If you are looking for the best optimal way then VPN is a good option to go with.

What exactly a VPN does?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates an imaginary space between the end user and the internet client (Whatsapp). This space or tunnel can be filled with a temporary IP address given by the VPN itself. You can select a number of IP addresses and server locations to get unrestricted access to the Whatsapp calling in Dubai, UAE.

How does it help in Unblocking Whatsapp calling?

Whatsapp call is blocked for almost all the IP’s (internet protocols) that are accessed via UAE networks and servers. What VPN does is, it makes a private network (with an IP from another server location) where the features are not blocked. This way, you can use the blocked Whatsapp calling feature and connect your loved ones on the call.

How to Choose the BEST VPN Service?

There are hundreds of VPN service providers across the internet. A few of them are free and have limited features while the paid VPN services are reliable and loaded with a great number of features. But due to the huge number of VPN providers, it becomes hectic to go and choose the best one.
Here we have listed a few of the checkpoints that you must closely look on. When it comes to choosing a VPN service, you need to consider these:


Budget is the #1 question to ask. Sort out your money or savings and finalize what amount you can owe for a quality VPN.
Sorted out the budget? Yes! now go for the next checkpoint.

Server Locations

Now finalize the server locations; every VPN provider has got a list of server locations and from those locations, you’ll get a virtual private network letting you unblock the features blocked in your area.
Find out the providers with the locations nearby (your country where the features you’re looking for are not blocked).


Use of VPN means you risk out your data online at a virtually created network. Hence, solid security is needed. Some VPN services provide 128-bit while some provide 256-bit encryption for the data risked. Go with the 256-bit system or the updated one.

Low Downtime:

Server locations are the places where the actual magic takes place. Before you finalize the VPN provider, make sure to check customer reviews about their server downtime. If there is no negative review a very low proportion of customers complaining about downtime, checkout and enjoy Whatsapp calling on that network/VPN.

Customer Support:

Sometimes there can be a glitch in the system causing connectivity issues; stopping you from using the blocked services. Customer support can help you in that matter. Sometimes, there are critical and technical issues that can’t be sorted out. To overcome the situation, VPN services with 24/7 customer support should be chosen.


#1. ExpressVPN:

Top recommendation by many online magazines. Express VPN has got solid security with a feature to unblock the blocked features like Whatsapp calling. The service owes you 256-bit AES encryption which gives a strong layer of security. In the case of connectivity issues or downtime, 24/7 live support is there. For features like Whatsapp calling, ExpressVPN has got its own name.

#2. CyberGhost:

One of the earliest VPN service providers on the internet. Released in 2004 and made their name to the best of VPNs.
Salient features include one tap protection, best server locations, and low downtime. 15+ years of the name in the market, Cyberghost has built trust in the industry with millions of users worldwide. Although CyberGhost has fewer location compared to his rivals Whatsapp calling is not blocked in the locations provided.

#3. NordVPN:

Wanna do Whatsapp video callings in HD?
NordVPN is a great choice. Their server is very efficient in delivering the best of the local internet speed; data flow speed is affected to a minimalistic value only.
Similar to its rivals, NordVPN comes with 24/7 live chat to assist you in connectivity or complex issues.

Final Words

The best VPN to unblock WhatsApp calling would be the one with unbreakable security, smooth speed and easy on the pocket. Make sure the server locations are nearby so the connectivity issues can be minimized; clearing your way to non-stop WhatsApp calling in Dubai!
One last thing, before deciding, keep in mind all the checkpoints discussed in this article. This will help you in a better result.
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