Tunedly: The Masked Music Platform Run on TunedCoin

Tunedly: The Masked Music Platform Run on TunedCoin

There are new artists entering the music industry every day. However, there aren’t enough seats at the table for everyone. Established artists are constantly favored by the public while emerging artists aren’t even given a shot to showcase their skills. You’re partly responsible.

You see, if you had to choose between listening to a song from a new artist or one from an artist you’re familiar with, you’d choose to listen to the one you’re familiar with. This creates a huge gap in the music industry where established artists are constantly becoming more and more popular while emerging artists are returning back into their shells. 

There has to be a way for listeners to want to explore new music so emerging artists can benefit from the recognition as well. But how?

Introducing Tunedly

Tunedly is a Masked Music Discovery Platform with the objective of eradicating prejudice in the music business. There is no such thing as likes or views on this rising new platform. In fact, it is impossible to determine who composed or performed the song. The purpose of these limitations is to allow listeners genuinely assess a music based on its merits, as opposed to its creators.

Although many listeners are unfamiliar with this notion, they are undoubtedly fascinated. I cannot recall the last time I listened to an unidentified artist’s music. Tunedly taught me that just because I’m unfamiliar with an artist doesn’t imply they don’t have a fantastic song. The platform offers a handpicked selection of hundreds of different musicians across many genres.

Tunedly also offers a mobile application called Tunedly Music Discovery app where users may experience a more user-friendly interface while browsing through the numerous tracks that have been selected to their liking. The Tunedly algorithm will evaluate your song selections in order to present you with a better, more customized experience by displaying only tracks that match your mood. Think of it as a playlist curated just for you!

Reap the Benefits

As a token of appreciation for supporting the budding artists on the platform, Tunedly provides listeners with several benefits that have real monetary value. All you have to do is listen to a couple of songs a day and upvote the one that you fancied the most. The song that gets the most votes ends up getting signed by an actual label. So what’s in it for you?

You see, if you upvoted a song that later got signed by a label, you would receive an NFT of that exact song. But that’s not all. The first 1000 listeners to upvote a song will also be able to earn TunedCoin as a result. This crypto coin can later be used to earn royalties from the song.

The way this works is that once a song gets signed, everyone who owns a TunedCoin and upvoted it will be able to earn a share of the royalties. The more TunedCoins you own, the more royalties you’ll be able to earn from the song. Royalties are split equally based on the number of TunedCoins shared by the stakeholders of the song. 

Suppose there are two stakeholders who possess 10 TunedCoins each. A song with $200 in royalties would be divided equally between them, with each artist receiving $100. Nevertheless, if a shareholder earns 50 additional TunedCoins and has a total of 150 TunedCoins, the royalties will no longer be divided evenly. The $200 in royalties would then be divided between $120 and $80 halves.

TunedCoin (TUC)

TunedCoin (TUC) is the native crypto project of the Tunedly Masked Music Platform. TUC is built on one of the most efficient chains today, the Polygon blockchain. Polygon is a second-layer Ethereum smart chain. While most people prefer Ethereum, true crypto geeks know that Polygon is a much more efficient chain overall. This is because it is way faster and cheaper. 

While TunedCoin is a new emerging coin, it has just as much potential as the new emerging artists that it supports on the platform. Many coins like BTC and ETH have reached their full potential and are on a downhill. Since TUC is a new coin, it is only onwards and upwards from here. And who would pass up an opportunity to get a crypto coin for free? Not us for sure.

There is a total supply of 21 million TUC tokens today. While they are currently only being released as rewards for upvoting a signed song, they will soon also be available to the general public through an ICO. Tunedly will release the ICO sometime in Q2 of 2023. 

Support Emerging Artists Today

There is no doubt that the music industry is one of the hardest places to get recognized today. Despite this, several artists have not given up and are giving it their all every day. Tunedly gives you the ability to support these artists and earn rewards in the process by simply listening to music and voting on which one is your favorite. Listening to music is already something we do on a regular basis. Why not make a difference?

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