Apple Issues Urgent Warning to iPhone Users

Apple Urgent Warning iPhone Users
Apple Urgent Warning iPhone Users

Apple has sent out a warning to millions of iPhone users through a pop-up notification that appears when water is detected in the phone’s charging port. Ignoring this notification could cause the pins on the charging port or cable to corrode, leading to permanent damage or connectivity issues.

There are two types of notifications that may appear – one with a yellow warning triangle and the other with a blue water drop inside. The first one says “Charging Not Available”, while the second message says “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector”. It is important not to ignore either notification unless the situation is severe.

Apple has provided some tips for drying out your iPhone, including gently tapping it with the charging port facing downwards to remove any excess liquid, placing it in a dry place with good air circulation, and waiting for approximately 30 minutes before trying to charge it again.

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