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How to Use KODI on FireStick for Music Streaming: Tips & Tricks

How to Use KODI on FireStick for Music Streaming

Music streaming services offer streaming media services that focus mainly on music and sometimes other types of digital audio content, such as podcasts. Music streaming on Amazon FireStick has recently been dominant, ranking high on the list. There are diverse free, open-source media player software applications used for streaming music and watching video content, one of the best being KODI.

However, there are critical tips and tricks to utilize KODI on Amazon FireStick for Music Streaming. In this article, I will give pointers and directions on using KODI to stream music online on Amazon FireStick. Whether you are an old user or a newbie, these tips and tricks will guide you on utilizing KODI better on Amazon FireStick for music streaming while keeping it simple.

How to Use KODI on Amazon FireStick for Music Streaming: Tips and Tricks

Before using KODI on Amazon FireStick to stream music, you should install KODI on Amazon FireStick. Here are basic steps to safely install the KODI software on the firestick;

Get the Downloader App

  • Open the Amazon Store.

  • Pick the find option in the middle bar on the FireStick home screen. Then click Search.

  • Search and click for the Downloader App in the search results.

  • Click on the Downloader App and install it.

Prepare your Amazon Firestick for KODI Installation

  • Navigate to settings on the FireStick.

  • Click on the Developer options.

  • Click ADB debugging and turn it on for the Downloader App.

  • Navigate to Settings and Open Preferences>> Privacy Settings. Switch OFF the Device Usage Data and Collect App Usage Data.

Install KODI on Amazon FireStick

  • Launch the Downloader app you installed and click on the URL box.

  • Copy this link, or type it manually on the URL box, https://kodi.tv/download/.

  • Select your OS, and download the application

  • In case you are unable to install the application, you can also follow this detailed guide and Download Kodi APK to sideload.

  • Once the installation is finished, Click open to start the KODI application software.

How to Set up Music Add-ons and services on KODI

Now that Kodi is installed and active on your device, you can use it to stream music content. You can stream music on Amazon FireStick through add-ons, which you can download instantly from the official Kodi repository or third-party repositories.

How you install an add-on depends on whether the add-on is from the authorized KODI repository, a third-party repository, or a direct download. You can access and install all of them from the Add-ons menu in the left sidebar.

MP3 Streams

  • Start-up on your Kodi homepage

  • Click on the “settings button”>then proceed to File Manager

  • Click on the “Add source” icon.

  • Click on the box that displays <None>

  • Enter this URL exactly as it is written: https://kdil.co/repo/

  • Give the source a title. I will call it kdil.

  • Click on the “OK” icon

  • Return to the home screen.

  • Click on the “Add-ons” icon.

  • Click on the open box icon.

  • Click on Install from the zip file.

  • Click on the kdil option, then on the kodil.zip box

  • Wait a while; you’ll get a notification once the source is installed.

  • Click on the Install icon from the repository

  • Click on the “Kodil Repository.”

  • Click on the “Music Add-ons” icon, then scroll down to “MP3 Streams” and click on it.

  • A screen will display, illustrating the add-on. Select install from the menu at the bottom

  • Wait a few minutes; you’ll see a notification once the add-on is installed.

How to Use the MP3 streams add-on

To use this add-on:

  • Launch your KODI homepage.

  • Proceed to “Add-ons”

  • Proceed to “Music add-ons.”

  • Select the “MP3 Streams button.”

  • Segments like New Jersey Albums, Top Albums, and Billboard Diagrams will be on display. It has spaces for checking out your favorite artists, albums, and songs.

  • The Search Artists category is the fastest way to see what you want. Please enter your preferred artist’s name into the search box, and a folder with their name will emerge after a minute.

  • Click on the folder with their name, and you’ll find respective folders for each album. Choose an album and stream the songs individually or the full music album.

  • When you choose your preferred song or album, wait a while to load. This process will take a minute but will be fast and reliable once the music stream begins.

YouTube Music:

The YouTube Music add-on typically pulls its data from YouTube which makes the music streams incredibly high quality, fast, and reliable. Here’s a guide below on how to install and set up Youtube Music on KODI;

  • Firstly, you will have to install the “Kodil repository” (information is above, as was installed for the “MP3 Streams add-on”)

  • Click on Install from the repository.

  • Click on the .Kodil Repository

  • Click on Music Add-ons, then scroll down to Youtube Music and click on it.

  • A screen will open explaining the add-on.

  • Select the “Install bar” from the menu at the bottom.

  • Wait a minute or two; you’ll see a notification once the Youtube add-on is installed.

How to Use the Youtube Music add-on

To use this add-on;

  • Launch your KODI homepage.

  • Proceed to “Add-ons”

  • Proceed to “Music add-ons.”

  • Click on the “Youtube Music button.”

  • Now you will see segments like Hype Machine, iTunes Charts, Billboard, and Spotify Playlists.

  • There’s no search function, but you can scan the various categories. The Billboard section is an ideal place to find the most contemporary kinds of music, and immediately you click on that, you’ll see plenty of options for the Trending 140, Hot 100, Genres, and more. Find a song you want to stream and click on the title.

  • You’ll discover a setup wizard when you first choose your preferred song. Click through to confirm once. Immediately you click on a song; the music will start streaming on the FireSticks.

Tips and Tricks on How to Use KODI on Amazon FireStick for Music Streaming.

Get a good VPN during Music Streaming.

Using a suitable VPN is a tip that can help your music streaming on Amazon FireStick private through KODI. Using Kodi on the Amazon FireStick risks different issues during your music experience. To enhance and lessen a negative impact, you need a good VPN.

Have a good internet speed.

If KODI pauses music streams on Amazon FireSticks frequently to buffer or will only play at low quality, there is a problem. This problem concerns the internet connection or the service you’re trying to stream. Hence, a good internet connection is needed while using KODI on Amazon FireStick.

Connect to a Sound System

To get good quality music on Amazon FireStick, stream the music using the KODI software application on a device connected to your video or sound system. The efficacy certainly varies by the different models of the sound system.

Maximize the KODI Add-ons while Streaming Music

The KODI music add-ons are incredible, as they carry various functionality to the software while streaming music with the Amazon FireSticks. You can access all the KODI add-ons instantly from the “Add-ons tab” on the greeting screen, accessed by clicking “My add-ons.”

Automatically Fetch Music Metadata

KODI is good at arranging your content and does not only display a host of choices to stream music online on your Amazon FireSticks. To attain this, you’ll have to manually alter the directory containing the music and add the year in parenthesis.


KODI and FireStick are practically made for each other, but it is essential to configure them adequately to use them best when streaming music. From the various types of supported choices, you must have recognized that KODI is a strong and valuable digital media player for music streaming.

Its compatibility with most operating systems on the Amazon FireSticks makes it even more thrilling. It is exciting because you can integrate all your media music streams into a single hub. The flexibility of KODI makes the interface much cleaner while listening to music. These KODI tips and tricks can improve your experience while streaming music on Amazon FireSticks.

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