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Best FileLinked Codes for Firestick & Android TV in 2023


FileLinked, also known as DroidAdmin, helps you gather all the APKs in one place and install the APKs and other elements on Amazon Fire TV and other TV boxes.

Best FileLinked Alternative

If you want to share different content types on TV boxes such as videos, music, photos, files, you will need FileLinked. With this app’s help, you can become the admin of files and can handle the files on your own and in the way you want.

FileLinked app is used for Fire TV and Firestick devices. Using FileLinked, you can become the admin and the file uploader or both at the same time. The FileLinked app is best to handle files in the best way on TV boxes.

Additionally, this tool helps you share your files, such as photos with your loved ones (family & friends). This personal sharing can be done through codes. You can authorize end-users with the help of codes that will be generated on your demand for you.

For example, if you want to share a file with friends or family, you can generate a code and share it with them. Once they enter the code, they will get access to the private files. Have a look at below Filelinked Firestick codes or list of Droidadmin codes.

Best FileLinked Codes List 2023

You can share private files or links privately with anyone you want. For example, if you’re going to share a list of Best Anime apps using code “0000”. After creating it, the users to whom you want to grant access will have to use the same “0000” code. Once they use the code, they will be entered to it and will see whatever is uploaded by you.

Similarly, you need to use codes and pins to access content on FileLinked. End-users can create some codes, and some codes are built-in. Here in this article, below is the table format, so codes are added to help you access content on your own.

The table given below is essential in terms of FileLinked content access. We have added almost all the available codes at the moment, but still, some might be missing. If you think, something can be added to this guide; please feel free to share it with us. We always give value to the views of our readers.

All these files can be accessed through codes. Keeping this in mind, here are some best available codes for Filelinked that will make your FireStick just unforgettable.

Best FileLinked Codes for FireStick in 2023?

Code & Number Contents & Apps in the Code
85810914 In this code, you will find more than 100 apps. Most of the content and apps are related to Kodi such as Kodi addons, builds, VPN, Anime, etc. It also offers a VLC media player which is a famous name when it comes to media players. It also gives Aptoid TV.
51829986 It contains 583 apps which include Kodi, VPN, Movies, TV shows, IPTV, Live TV, Music, Games, Anime, Sports, and much more. It uses Stream Tech & Now for the content
12345678 12345678 code is best for YouTube content. By applying the code, you will be able to get a wide range of YouTube videos on your TV box (Android or FireStick). It also contains apps related to Kodi such as Kodi addons and Kodi builds.
67664537 The total number of apps in this code is 238. It gets the content from the “Stream It All” store. The apps include Kodi, Movies, Music, Anime, Sports, IPTV, Live streaming, and much more.
11039868 The code 11039868 using PIN 1010 gives access to more than 200 apps. It is best if you are interested in downloading APKs through FileLinked. One of the famous APK that can be seen in this code is Bobby HD which is great for watching TV shows and Movies. It also contains CCleaner which is good for clearing cache and deleting unwanted elements.
71607934 It has 216 apps which consist of VPN, Tools, Games, Live TV, Kodi, Media Players, Emulators, IPTV, etc. It is based on the “Fire TV Stick” Store.
11039868 Based on “NxtLvLTech”, it has around 298 apps which can be accessed through one single code. It has VPN, Kodi, Anime, TV, Sports, Live TV channels, Media Players, Games, and various other exciting sections.
14224735 14224735 code gives access to more than 100 apps. The best thing in this code is the “Movie RedBox” which allows you to access the newest collection of movies in HD. It also gives you access to find a new collection of movies.
27256340 The code store is “Dr. Venture” and it contains 136+ apps. Just like many other FileLinked codes, it has also VPN, Kodi, Music, Anime, Media Players, Live TV, Sports, VOD, etc.
76705196 It contains 148 apps and it is from the “Amazon Fire Apps by Kevin Porteous” store. The apps in this area are Media Players, Live TV, TV shows, Music, Development, Games, etc.
32364318 After entering the code, you will find around 123 apps on the first screen. Some of the well-known sections you will see are Live TV, Anime, IPTV, Kodi, Free Movies, Games, Sports, etc.
17779393 The code 17779393 with Pin: 2222 is good for those who are interested in Terrarium TV which is one of the best for streaming. The code is updated on regular intervals so you will always find something new every time it gets updated. It also contains the Spotify app which is a good platform for playing music online.


22222222 The code is based on the “New Tech Evolution” store and contains 107 which consists of Kodi, TV shows, Firestick Tools, Live TV, External Players, Movies, Sports, etc.
89334588 Based on “Electrical M.D. Super App Store”, it contains 38 apps such as Kodi, Kodi builds, Movies, TV shows, Tools, Media players, and everything related to Kodi.
737348207 Based on “Bujiki Filelinked Depot”, it has 320 apps from which Kodi builds, Music, VPN, Kodi Addons, Tools, Players, IPTV, TV shows and Media Players are famous.
74238464 74238464 is best for watching movies and finding apps related to TV shows and movies on FileLinked and Firestick device. It offers a great collection of apps that will be enough for your movie desires.

FileLinked Codes with NO PIN for Sports and TV

With FileLinked codes’ help, you can access the content through DroidAdmin, also known as Filelinked. These codes work like a link to a website that connects the users to the requested server in a secure way. It is not difficult to find the Filelinked codes; you can find it easily on the internet. Most of these require PIN verification.

Luckily, in the upcoming section, you will find some codes where there will be no need for PIN. Below is the next section; you will discover Filelinked codes where you will not be supposed to enter codes. These codes for Filelinked works without a PIN and can be used to access TV shows, Kodi, Movies, Sports and other useful resources from the web. We will not be wasting your time anymore, lets list Filelinked codes without a PIN.

Code PIN Required? Apps and Features
74747474 No PIN Live TV, VLC Media Player, MX Player Pro, Downloader App, Amazon Prime TV
27256340 No PIN ES File Explorer, Android TV App, YouTube App, Spotify, Kodi, Anime, Cartoon, TV Shows, Movies, MX Player, VLC Player, Audio Player
51829986 No PIN Kodi addons, Netflix access, IPTV< Live TV, Real-debrid, VPN, Kodi, Messenger App, Amazon Prime, Ola TV, Old and New MOvies, OneBox, Cartoon
67664537 No PIN Live TV, Movies, IPTV, YouTube TV, HD Movies, Mega TV shows, Kodi Addons

FileLinked Codes List 2023 Or Droidadmin codes list

As you know, Filelinked codes are updated regularly. Looking at this, below we are adding the list of new added FileLinked codes from where you can access your favorite content without any content or resource blockage.

Code PIN Features/Apps


13131313 4545 VLC Media Player, Audio Player, MX Player, Kodi, Firestick etc.
86666282 4242 Live TV, Kodi addons, Firestick, IPTV, TV channels
63106618 7777 Kodi, Firestick, Android TV, Addons, TV Shows and Streaming apps
70510862 9999 Kodi, Addons, Builds, YouTube and other apps for Firestick
78933681 9999 Kodi addons, Movies, TV shows, Sports, YouTube, Firestick apps
22222222 4754 Best link/code for finding any type of APK on the internet
82239386 1122 This code is dedicated to Cinema HD APK

New FileLinked Codes 2023

FileLinked Code Name Details
76705196 Amazon Fire Apps by Kevin Porteous You will need a PIN (3223) to access Live TV, Movies, Sports, Games, Music, TV shows and other content
22222222 New Tech Evolution To access content through this code, you will need to enter PIN:4754. You can use it for Kodi, TV shows, Live TV, IPTV, Tools, Media Players etc.
95030652 Review on This and That You can use this for Movies, TV shows, Tools, Media Players, IPTV, Kodi, Sports, Sports Apps and much more.

Installing FileLinked on Amazon Box

Before going to the list of codes, we will talk about the installation of FileLinked on the Amazon FireStick box. So, below is the guide that shows the installation procedure of FileLinked on Fire devices.

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How to Install FileLinked on Amazon FireStick

Before installing FileLinked, you need to add Downloader to your device. Downloader facilitates FileLinked and can be found on the official store of Amazon. Before installing any app on Firestick,

you first need to allow apps from third-party libraries. For this  to follow the instructions below.

  • From Amazon Firestick, click on the settings tab
  • Click on My FireTV or Device
  • Now click on Developer Options
  • Turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources”
  • Click on Turn on to confirm the changes

Amazon Firestick is ready to install apps from third-party paths. Now its time to install the Downloader App. Below is the guide that will help you to install the Downloader app.

How to Install Downloader App on FireStick?

  • Open Downloader on Amazon FireStick
  • On the right side, click on the URL tab.
  • Enter the URL: https://get.filelinked.com/ by using the On-Screen Keyboard 
  • Click GO
  • Wait for some time so that FileLinked APK can be downloaded.
  • After the installation of FileLinked, the Downloader app will start its installation.
  • Click the Install button.
  • Please wait for some time so that it can be installed.
  • Now you will see an App Installed confirmation on the Firestick screen.
  • Click on done to apply the changes.

Congrats. The FileLinked app is successfully installed on your FireStick device. Remember, it is done through the Downloader app. Now, go to My App & channels from your device to launch the app.

Installing Apps on FireStick with FileLinked App 

Once the installation is done, now its time to install the APKs with the already installed FileLinked app. You can do this by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Long press the home button until a window with “Apps & Channels” appears
  • Search for FileLinked app in the list and click on it to open it
  • Now click on“Your Code” on FileLinked
  • Enter the code of APK you are willing to install
  • Click on next and then continue
  • The APK will be saved with the reference of code in the configuration
  • Click on Download
  • Click on the question mark to access the tutorial
  • Now select “download” to download the tutorial file
  • After downloading the tutorial, the button will change play
  • Click on “Install” as the final step for APK installation

As discussed above, FileLinked is a great app which not only used to run APKs on your screen, but it can also be used to access media files and personal files or anything else you want.

That’s all for this guide. But you might be looking for some alternative apps and codes of FileLinked. Below we have prepared some questions and answers that will be enough to entertain all the queries you have regarding FileLinked.

Have a look at FAQs FileLinked.

How to Use Filelinked on FireStick?

You need to install it on your FireStick device and then through codes; you can get access to everything you want, such as personal files, movies, apps, etc.

Where to Find FileLinked Codes?

The best place is to find anything, including codes is Google. Just enter a query which is in your mind, and you will see plenty of results.

Where Can I Download Filelinked APK

You can download it from filelinked.com.

How to Use Filelinked on Android TV?

Follow the below steps to get FileLinked on Android TV.

  • From FileLinked.com choose “download FileLinked”
  • Click on “Open”
  • Click on “Allow”
  • After installing, it will be under the “Apps” menu

Can FileLinked Use on iOS and other Apple device?

iOS does not support such apps. So don’t try it on any Apple device.

What are Best Alternatives of FileLinked

FireDL is the best available alternative of FileLinked available these days.

Final Words

It is simple to use FileLinked on a TV Box. All you need is to use a proper and relevant code to get access to a particular store. Entering a code means you get access to a bunch of apps. The good thing about this app is that it gives you free access to content just by a single click.

The app is best for all those who are interested in accessing unlimited content without any hassle. That’s all on FileLinked.

We hope that you have found it helpful. If you want to add something to this, please feel free and share your ideas with us. If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to ask in the comment section or through our social media platforms. Thanks for reading.

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