9 Advice to Protect Your Kids from Online Dangers

How Do I Keep my Kids Safe Online

It’s no secret that the internet is a vast, valuable, and dangerous place simultaneously. With access to virtually unlimited information, many necessary safety precautions need to be taken when accessing the internet. From using anti-virus software to avoiding phishing emails, you should be aware of all potential risks and dangers involved in online activity.

The internet offers a myriad of significant sources and information, but it also introduces the risk of malware and cyberbullying at their fingertips. There are many ways to protect a child from internet danger, including taking precautions online, establishing a family rule policy, and educating them about the risks.

The kid’s online safety is crucial, and anyone among us should not compromise on that. Parents may have questions in their minds like, “How can I protect my child online?” The straightforward answer is to have a VPN app download for android and iOS to protect yourself. This is the easiest and most effective way, but keep reading if you want to find out more about this topic! 

What websites should parents block in 2021?

Here are the seven sites all parents should add to their block list right now for internet child protection:

Omegle: is a chat site that allows users to talk with strangers from all over the world. Unfortunately, is not monitored by moderators and can make it easy for predators to contact unsuspecting kids while posing as a teen or another kid their age. 


Periscope is an app that allows users to live-stream their lives in real-time. While the company has taken strides to protect children against predatory behavior, it still risks exposing them to objectionable content. Parents should be aware of the dangers of the world wide web and disable Periscope on their child’s phone or tablet.


Parents should block the website of Tinder, a dating app, for their children because it has been linked to child exploitation and sexual assault among teenagers. The app allows users to upload pictures of themselves which they then match up with other users in the area who have expressed interest in meeting specific criteria.


Chatroulette is a website designed for users to exchange live video chats with people around the world. Unfortunately, the site gives no information about the person on the other side of the screen and is used for sexual exploitation, perverted behavior, and nudity. 


Many young teens are using the internet for socializing and communicating with friends. But, unfortunately, there is a dark side to the internet, and many of these kids will find themselves on sites that can become harmful to their wellbeing. 

This is why parents should block ask.FM website for kids’ online safety. Ask. fm is a site that allows teens to post questions and answers anonymously or publicly. However, it is full of cyberbullying.


Parents should block the 4Chan website for kids’ online safety. 4Chan is a site similar to Reddit that can be accessed by children and has been known to host explicit images, videos, and discussions. However, unlike Reddit, there are no moderators.

Parents are responsible for protecting their child’s innocence and should prevent them from being exposed to this type of content. 


Kik is a social media app that allows users to chat anonymously and share videos, pics, and messages. Cyber Bullying issues and the notorious sexting issue have been around for some time now. 

In addition, users of Kik can search out people by location with no verification of who is messaging them. Therefore, parents should block the Kik website from their kid’s online safety.

9 Advice to Protect Children from Online Dangers:

Talk Openly with Children:

Parents should talk openly with their children about their online activity to ensure that they are aware of the dangers of the internet and how to use it.

No Talk with Strangers:

Talking with strangers can be dangerous, especially for children. There are many cases of kidnapping, abuse, and assault that involve children talking to strangers. Parents should advise their children about talking to strangers. It is not okay to talk to a stranger unless the child has the consent of an adult or guardian who knows who they are talking to.

Report Online Bullies:

Parents should advise their children to block and report online bullies because not doing so can lead to more severe problems such as cyberbullying, depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Always Use a VPN:

People often think iPhones are more secure than android. However, both are not much secure until you make them yourself. Hackers often use phishing techniques and try to trap people. The easiest victims are the children. With one click, hackers can access all the data from the computer and even control it. Parents should ask kids to always use a VPN for IOS and android for protection. We recommend VeePN VPN as it is secured, trusted, and encrypted. People should do _veepn review by using its free trial. It can help them in hiding their original location and IP address and ultimately provide kids online safety.

Do not Share Everything Online:

In today’s world, the internet is a resource that is often utilized to explore and learn. However, with children spending more time online, parents should give cautionary advice to their children so they can avoid becoming an easy target for predators or accidentally uploading compromising photos.

Parental Control:

Parents should use Parental control for kids’ online safety. It is essential to ensure that children are using technology responsibly and not being exposed to any form of risk online in the digital age. 

Know Children Online Friends:

Kids are growing up in an age where they have online friends. Parents should be aware of the kids’ online friends because their children might not fully know who they are talking to online. The internet can be a great tool, but children must be taught how to use it wisely. 

Keep Location Private:

Parents should ask kids to keep their residential location private and not share it with anyone online. For this purpose, they should encourage kids to use VPN like VeePN to hide the location and IP address.

Track Online Time:

Parents need to know the time commitment their kid is making for online activities so that they can decide on a more appropriate screen time limit. With a simple web-based tool, parents can monitor their kid’s usage and set a time limit. 

So, these are some of the advice for both parents and children to keep their privacy online. It is essential to use a VPN like VeePN for both IOS and Android smartphones.

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