Can a No-Code Platform Act as a Threat for the Developers in the Future?

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No-Code platforms provide the best space to the citizen developers who are the ones without any special training in software development. Citizen developers can create different software as they are just taking the space of business instead of IT. Citizen developers are fulfilling the complex tasks that are supposed to be done by software developers as they are just creating a competition. Companies are hiring citizen developers rather than software developers because of their technical thinking in complex projects.

Due to the increasing demand for digitalization, the IT department is just pressing down under the pressure of the load. Software developers are facing pressure from the head of the companies to improve the infrastructure and increase digitalization. Citizen developers have left the old processes and started using such solutions that can create complex network solutions. All these factors are creating less space for the software developers and overburdening the IT department.

Impact of No-Code Platform

Under the umbrella of No Code development, when citizen developers started making their progress in the main field, this would be a matter of concern for the developers. Developers are losing control over the business because of the changes that are created by the citizen developers. Citizen developers are without any training and education in software; hence they don’t know the boundaries, rules, and laws, which is beneficial for the companies but threatening for the software developers. 

No Code gives the ability to the people to create applications without any security and protection. If citizen developers started working in the internal governance instead of software developers, these duplicates might be more acceptable than the real ones. The ready-made people in building applications compete with the best in their domain and work precisely.

Future Threats

Citizen developers are considered as new players in the game of technology. No Code development was just done to minimize the shortage of IT experts and help software developers by collaborating with citizen developers. If citizen developers started taking the place of software developers, then the operational demands would be lost with the increased cost of the solution. The desired solutions are not gained with the slow response as citizen developers using the No Code platforms can make the same results without solving any programs. The out-of-the-box resources of inefficient people increase the customer’s demand and would be a competitive disadvantage. 

The future threat would appear so that the companies would hire unspecialized developers at high rates. Anything that the community would be more acceptable would retain there and wipe out the outdated and old versions. In the future, the citizen developers would work if they were provided with no code platforms but cannot work without any helping hand. The end of both developers is protected if they work in collaboration to enhance the speed and minimize the workload on one another.


We must understand the importance of correct people at the right place and at the proper time. Citizen developers are not meant to take the place of software developers; instead, they are just for the help of the IT department. If any member of the society tries to take the place of each other, then this would create chaos and disturbance in each aspect. 

No code development platforms must restrict those with limited or no IT knowledge, as technology should be in the hands of those who can control it. Software developers are the present, and citizen developers are the future and should not be threatened by any other readymade material present in the market.

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