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How to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error [3 Easiest Methods]

Fix Kodi Error – No Stream Available

It hurts when you plan to watch your favorite movie or TV show and you get the error “No Stream Available”. At this time you might think about the breaking of your TV screen or do something else in your anger. But wait, you can resolve this problem just in few minutes.

Here is a quick guide for you that will help you to go across this rapidly increasing error. So how can you Fix Kodi no Stream available error? Below is a tested guide that will help you to easily resolve this error and enjoy your favorite movie, TV show, Football Match or anything you want without any kind of delay.

What are the Main Causes for Kodi “No Stream Available” Error?

Before looking deeply on your device, it is difficult to tell the actual reason for Kodi showing the error message “No Stream available”. According to our research and personal experience, there might be a number of reasons for Kodi showing this unwanted error message when users access their favorite media on the open source media player of Kodi.

Kodi “No Stream Available” error occurs due to plenty of reasons. Here in this article we will talk about the most common scenarios which causes interruption in Kodi streaming. For example some seasoned content might be outdated and deleted from the Kodi.

Some addons installed on your device might be deleted and outdated. You might have the source URL with zero content. Whatever the reason, here in this article you will find different types of quick solutions for resolving the most common Kodi error message.

Main Reasons for Kodi No Stream Available Error

  • Your Internet service provider not allowing you to stream a particular video/content
  • Content not available
  • Issue with your device
  • Issue in the installed addon
  • Streaming is not enabled

Below are the easiest methods that will help you to fix these issues for once and for all. Have a look on the discussed methods for fixing no stream available error message.

Change Default Action to fix Kodi no stram available issue

Here I am using the Covenant addon for resolving this error. Please have a look on our selected solutions for this purpose.

  1. Go to Kodi Home
  2. Open Covenant from your Kodi addons
  3. Click on Tools option
  4. Now Select Settings and Playback from the list
  5. Now all you have to change the default Action option to Directory on the box just appeared

Clear Cache to Fix No Stream Available Issue on Kodi

Next solution is to clear the Cache of Covenant Kodi Addon

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Click on Covenant addon
  3. Open Settings
  4. Now click on Tools option from the setting menu
  5. Select Covenant and click on Clear Provider
  6. Click on Yes when the pop shows
  7. Again select Covenant
  8. Click on Clear Cache
  9. Click on Yes when the pop shows

Troubleshoot Kodi for Resolving Kodi No Stream Error Message

It is a common issue with Kodi. After sometime and after installing too many addons you need to troubleshoot it for smooth streaming. You have to update the addons on a regular basis. This way you will figure out the outdated addons and the addons from where you receive such kinds of errors.

With the help of proper troubleshooting of any software, you will explore the possible errors in a quicker way. You will be able to look at the health of the Kodi app. So this is the best way to figure out any kind of error in Kodi. In this way, you will see the outdated addon which you can remove for smooth streaming.

At the end

These were the methods for resolving the Kodi No Stream Available issue on any version and on any device you have. This might be a helpful guide for our readers to figure out and understand the nature of the error and its solutions.

If you are still facing the issue after applying these solutions then feel free to reach out to us through any means of communication. We will be happy to help you personally. Thanks for reading!

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