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China Has Developed an Alternative to Chat GPT

China Has Developed an Alternative to Chat GPT

From home appliances to daily life, China has introduced everything made in their own country and is supplying and meeting the world’s demand for their in-country-made products.

In the latest move, they have worked on the ChatGPT Rival ERNIE. The famous Chinese tech company Baidu introduced its ‘ERNIE BOT’ to compete with Chat GPT.

The new ERNIE bot has all the features available in its rival, the Chat GPT. According to local media reports, ERNIE is the first app developed in China, and can only be used within the country.

It means that only the Chinese people can use it for now. According to the release by Baidu, the app is fully functional and is available for public use from August 31.

On test questions, ERNIE Bot has answered specific questions perfectly.

Robin Lee, CEO of Baidu, says we are trying to improve our app so that people have a good impression of it.

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