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Kilograms to Pounds: When You Need the Conversion and How to do It

killo to pound

Calculating kg to lbs is necessary, not just when discussing a diet or ordering groceries. The difference in metrics can cause a headache when discussing international shipping and customs. To buy something from a foreign seller, avoid troubles with customs, and adequately assess the cost of delivery, you may need to evaluate the weight of your package.

So as you can see, converting kg to lbs is pretty standard. The main reason is that these units indicate mass in different metric systems: SI also called the International System of Units, and the Imperial System of Units. And while the whole world adopted the SI, some states, such as the USA, still use the Imperial. To further complicate the issue, some countries, the United Kingdom and Canada, for example, also use pounds occasionally.

How to convert kilograms to pounds

If you remember the calculation ratio, you will not need a conversion table or specific services and applications to convert kg to lb. The formula is simple and can round up the numbers if you do not need the utmost precision:

1 kilogram equals 2.2046 lbs.

1 pound equals 0.4536 kg.

Now, you have two ways to convert kilograms to pounds. If you have a kilogram value you need to turn into pounds, you can multiply it by 2.2046 or divide by 0.4536. For example, let us imagine we need to know how many pounds are in 65 kilograms:

  1. 65 kg * 2.2046 lbs = 143,29 lbs
  2. 65 kg: 0.4536 kg = 143,29 lbs

A kilogram and a pound: a historical brief

The kilogram was defined and proposed for use in 1795 when the French Revolution burned. Initially, the unit indicated the mass of 1 liter of pure water. The definition stays true until nowadays, with the correction to within 30 parts per million. Before the current standard, the standard of mass was grave, aka Kilogramme des Archives, implemented in 1799 and made of platinum. Then, in 1889, it was replaced by the International Prototype of the Kilogram (IPK), a platinum-iridium cylinder. The last redefinition is dated 2019, and the modern standard of a kilogram is measured by a Kibble balance using electricity and magnetism.

If you are curious why the pound is abbreviated as lb, it is because of the Roman word “libra,” which we still use to name a tool that measures mass. And a Zodiac sign with this tool as a symbol, of course. And initially, the word meant a Roman unit of measurement. And the word “pound” is a proud descendant of the Latin term “pondus,” which means “weight.”

The unit underwent many redefinitions and dozens of its kinds: Troy, merchant, London, Tower, etc. It would be right to consider the Roman libra (328.9 modern grams) the first ancient kind of pound.

When the math is too complex, use handy solutions

It is easy to convert, say, 100 kg to lbs. For this, you may employ a special formula. But if you need to keep lots of equations in mind, there is another helpful option. 

Whenever you need to convert kilos to pounds without wasting too much time and effort, click the link: The verified and precise algorithm will do everything for you and give you a fast and correct answer.

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