Is complete online safety possible?

internet safety

Nowadays, everything is online. Whether we’re talking about grocery shopping, banking or marketing services – if you’re not online, you’re not experiencing the full experience. Some people are skeptical of going online, as they’re scared of their safety. The question is: is it possible to go online in complete safety?

Is the internet safe?

To answer your question: yes, it is possible to stay safe online. But, your safety is mostly in your own hands. The internet is a safe space, because if you want to use it, you’re frequently asked to defend yourself from cyber security first. Before ordering something or logging into a website, you first have to create an account with your e-mail and a password. You’re the only one who knows this combination for this place, so there’s no one else who has access to these details. 

How to be safe?

Now, to make sure you’re 100% safe, it’s good to gather some insights on how to do this. The idea of a password is safe, but in reality we still see a lot of people struggling with their safety, because of the password. What goes wrong in these instances is that these people don’t know how to use a password. We’ll give you some tips:

  • Don’t use the same password more than once. It’s extremely important for you to switch passwords between different accounts. A cyber attack can happen to anyone, so if someone does find your details, it’s still impossible for them to access your other accounts. 
  • Don’t make it obvious: whether you like it or not, going online means that there can be information found about you. This shouldn’t be dangerous, as long as you don’t use your personal information in your passwords. Using your birthday, your partner’s name or your pet in your password is simply too obvious, as is using the word “password”.
  • Use numbers and symbols. Start off your password by picking a complete random word: maybe you’ll choose what you ate yesterday, or you pick a sentence you’ve heard on the radio today. This is already hard to crack, but by changing your “ChickenSoup” to “Ch!ckEnsoUp!410” makes it ten times harder for a hacker to guess your password.

Secure yourself

Are you still scared your details will leak, resulting in them being used the wrong way? We suggest working with Onsist: an expert in online security. They know exactly what steps to take for you to be fully safe online. Experience it yourself! 

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