A Guide to Offshore Dedicated Development Team

A Guide to Offshore Dedicated Development Team

Software development outsourcing and staffing services are becoming increasingly popular strategies in the IT business world. They serve the common goal of providing a cost-effective way to suffice technological needs while keeping up with the ever-evolving tech industry. But they are distinctive in their nature somehow.

For software outsourcing, you can hire an external service provider on a contractual basis to develop the needed software applications from cradle to grave. By contrast, IT staff services (staff augmentation and dedicated teams) are about finding the right professionals to join your team, and offshore dedicated development teams belong here.

In this writing, we will discuss what an offshore dedicated development team is and why organizations need them. We will also cover the advantages you gain when you hire a dedicated team remotely and tips for choosing the best one.  

What Is an Offshore Software Development Team?

Offshore is one of the location-based models of outsourcing software development. It means that the hires (perhaps a team or individual software developer) are located in a different country and work remotely during the project development. 

An offshore development team, also known as an offshore development center (ODC), is assembled and operated by a third-party service company. This vendor will handle the entire recruitment and operation process for you, from sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding the talent. The members of an offshore team are employed at once and work exclusively on the project you assign them until the completion. This dedicated team will share your vision and objectives, like in-house staff. 

Why Do Tech Companies Need Offshore Dedicated Development Teams?

Organizations within the realm of IT business are gradually relying more on offshore resources to help empower them to achieve goals faster without breaking the bank. The motives and reasons behind each organization are unique, but there are a few common advantages of setting up an offshore dedicated development team. Here’s why: 

Cope with Talent Shortage

It can be both hard and expensive to find the right talent and professionals with top-level skills in their region nowadays. This is due to the fact that the demand for experienced tech professionals has been growing exponentially while the supply of them is tight, particularly in renowned tech hubs like America or Europe. Offshore staffing is like a way out of this drought of IT resources, as you can reach the right professionals worldwide.

Save Big on Costs 

Offshore dedicated development teams come with many cost-saving benefits. Generally, the cost of labor in offshore locations is lower than the average salary of tech professionals in your region. This means you can have access to top talents without having to pay exorbitant salaries for them. On top of that, since you are not obliged to provide office space or other fixed costs such as social security and insurance, you can make more significant savings. 

Hold the Initiative

An offshore team will work remotely under your direction and control. This means you can hold the initiative in terms of following a specific process, making decisions, providing feedback to developers, etc. After all, it’s still your project, and there is no need to surrender the reins entirely to someone else. Moreover, you can totally adjust the size and composition of the team to suit your requirements in a specific time, which is a huge advantage.

Minimize Recruitment Struggles

Recruiting and onboarding IT professionals can be an arduous process, as it involves a lot of steps, such as posting job ads, screening resumes, conducting interviews, etc. An offshore provider will do all this paperwork for you. In addition, the service vendor knows better about the local market in that region so that they can easily find qualified talents who fit your needs and budget. 

Gain Better Productivity and Results

An offshore team works exclusively on one project at a time. This brings about better focus and concentration, which leads to higher efficiency and productivity. As such, the dedicated development team usually produces results above expectations. Furthermore, if you hire a qualified provider experienced in this domain, they will be able to anticipate issues before they occur and come up with faster solutions. This will help you to take the project through cycles quickly and efficiently. 

Less Competitive Delay 

The time zone difference between an offshore team and yours can be a great advantage. Your employees can work on the project during the day and pass it to their remote counterparts, who will take care of it at night. This means you get more working hours throughout each day, allowing your organization to complete projects faster than before. 

Valuable Tips to Hire an Offshore Development Team

Before getting a hand on the benefits of an offshore development team, you have to surmount the challenge of selecting the right service provider. Here are some tips for picking an ideal offshore dedicated development team: 


Know What You Want

The first thing you should do is to determine your project requirements accurately. You need to be clear about what kind of software development services you want and the timeline for completion, as well as budget limits. Having a good understanding of your project needs will help you to find the right provider easier. 

Zoom in the Experience and Expertise

When it comes to finding a trustworthy offshore team, experience is key. It’s recommended to hire experienced providers with proven track records of success. Make sure you review their portfolio and client testimonials before making a commitment. Also, look out for relevant technical expertise and certifications when evaluating potential providers. 

Look for High-Quality Control Standard

It’s important to make sure that you are working with a provider who has well-defined procedures for quality control and assurance. This is essential since the offshore development team will be handling your business-critical projects, and ensuring high degrees of accuracy is very important. Make sure the service provider follows quality-control processes and best practices such as unit testing, automated builds, continuous integrations, etc. 

Evaluate Communication Capabilities

One of the most important factors in working with a remote team is effective communication. You should ensure that your offshore dedicated development team has reliable means of communication – either through email, phone calls, or video conferencing. Make sure that there are no problems with time differences and availability, too. 

Prioritize Security Practices 

Your offshore provider should have strong security protocols and measures in place to protect your confidential data and information from any unauthorized access. Look for a service provider that uses modern tools, technology, and infrastructure to ensure the safety of your data. Furthermore, make sure that the provider keeps all of your shared information confidential and secure in accordance with all required regulations. 

Due Diligence Is a Must

Finally, make sure to do your due diligence in researching the offshore dedicated development team before hiring. Check out their previous work history and credentials, explore their processes and protocols, and look for customer feedback or reviews – everything that can help you assess the provider’s services better. This will make sure that you are working with a reliable and trustworthy vendor. 

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