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Google is Near to Release AI Software Gemini – Reports

Google is Near to Release AI Software Gemini - Reports

Reports have confirmed that Alphabet’s Google is all set to launch a new conversational artificial intelligence software, Gemini. Google has given access to a group of people to the early version of their AI tool.

According to informational reports, Gemini is a competitor of OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. It is important to note that Google is continuously making investments in AI. Last year, the generative AI investment was visible to everyone.

According to reports, Gimini is the collection of large language models that power chatbots, summarize text, and generate new text based on various elements.

The new AI tool of Google will also be capable of writing code for developers and generating original images based on user queries. Google has given access to a large version of Gemini, but it needs more extensive understanding.

We will be getting something more significant than GPT-4. Google plans to provide access to Gemini through Google Cloud Vertex AI service.

There are no comments from Google; we will let you know as soon as we get more insights regarding Gemini.

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