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It Terrifies Me, Selena Gomez on the Impact of AI on Music

It Terrifies Me, Selena Gomez on the Impact of AI on Music

The well-known singer, Selena Gomez expressed her concerns and fear of the involvement of artificial intelligence in Music.

She openly expressed her fear while participating in the inaugural Music + Health Conference at the Universal Music Group on Tuesday; while talking to the CEO of Universal Music Group, she discussed various concerns about AI in Hollywood, particularly the ongoing negotiations of AI and the film industry.

Answering a question, they stated, “I don’t think anybody in my field wants to feel like they need to lean on a computer to translate their story or what they are trying to say.” She further added, the AI thing terrifies me.

“But I don’t think you could ever replace what a human being can write”, she added. She said that human creativity and involvement in every field of life will remain constant and irreplaceable.

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