5 Fundamentals of Cyber Security

Internet Security Best Practices for Small Businesses

Internet is the key component of this age of connectivity and connection. The world of internet is vast and knows no bounds which are why it is hard to know everything it holds. This magnitude makes it fascinating yet terrifying. This diversity brings along a lot of goods but with it comes the dark sides as well. 

These online threats endanger your privacy and finances and call for security measures which we call cyber security. It ensures that your personal files, credit card information and now your digital currency. These are a few threats at a small scale, take corporations and the amount of data they have and you get the bigger picture. 

Despite state of the art technology and spending millions of dollars, data breaches have become a routine. Why? Only spending money, getting an anti-virus isn’t enough. There’s more to cyber security than that. To make more sense, here are a few ways for you to enhance your cyber security without spending a fortune.

Staying up to date

Everyone has a unique personality and it is hard to find an exact match. Some are better one thing and the other in something else. No matter what we are good at there is always something new to learn. When it comes to professional life, training and refreshers prove to be fruitful.

In this ever-changing world, technology becomes better and cyber threats change. Which is why you need to stay updated. What you know about cyber threats may not be valid tomorrow. Why just improve the skills, why not stay on your toes and know the latest trends to avoid cyber-attacks.

Strong password practice

A most common tool used to protect data and online presence is a password. This is exactly why it is most vulnerable as well. It is exactly why the most common cyber-attack is a password attack. Why? Simply because it is most commonly used to stay secure which is why it attracts the most attackers as well.

Passwords are easy to forget and you may write them down to remember them. Then this piece of paper is so small that you never know where you may lose it. Hacking a password can be done by guessing but it is complicated and time-consuming. The easier way out is to sniff around the tables, look into waste paper baskets and who knows the lost piece of paper with your password on its lands in the wrong hands. 

It is essential that you never write down your password and not forget. The other about passwords is that the more complicated they are, the harder it is to hack it. Changing password every 60-90 days takes your cyber-security to a whole new level. 

Keep your antivirus updated

Antivirus updates can be time-consuming and usually slow down the system. This may seem redundant and irritating but it is essential for cyber-security. You can get internet connections offering free security suites online, you may save money on this but updates will still take a few minutes to download and install. These updates ensure that the virus definitions are up to date and no virus, malware or Trojan goes undetected. 

Use a secure email service

The introduction of electronic mail ousted conventional mails and fax systems. It gets you convenience, flexibility and gets the message across in an instant. The icing on this cake was that this service was free. This banner of four alphabets had so much attraction that important things like security and privacy were overlooked. 

What constitutes as a secure email service? The one which has the following two features:

  • A safe email service removes IP location and metadata information while it travels the internet
  • A safe email service uses an open-source platform which ensures compatibility across multiple platforms


Cyber-security is no child’s play. This is more of a journey than a destination. Hackers will always be coming up with new ways to blast past the firewall and antivirus which is why you always need to be on your toes. Why not employ a number of simple solutions instead of complicated and expensive remedies.  

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