Benefits of Using Tools For Smoother IT Management

Benefits of Using Tools For Smoother IT Management

Keeping track of all of your company’s inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries by hand can be a headache. Hard-copy forms or spreadsheets can be time-consuming to fill out every time you have to manage your inventory, and mistakes can be very costly.

If these sheets are not filled out properly, a company may order too much of something they already had or may face shortages or even outages of something they desperately need. If you want to eliminate this headache from your business, it may be time to use an IT Inventory Tool.

Using Tools for IT Management 

If you run a technology business and need to keep track of important software information, Total Network Inventory offers an IT Inventory Tool that can do the job for you. This tool works on any Windows, OS X, Linus, FreeBSD, and ESX/ESXi based computers.

This means that it is perfect for every company, and can be used if you have a couple of different types of operating systems in your office. All that is needed is the administration password for the computer and this IT Inventory Tool will work for you. 

This IT Inventory Tool works by scanning everything in your network to get the information you need about your whole network in just a few minutes. The smart scanner can scan everything in your IP range, display workgroup computers, and form a structure.

This allows you to see everything in your inventory in one convenient place. You can even schedule scans with the scheduler feature. There is no limit to how many tasks you can schedule so that your system will keep you up to date on all of your inventory without you having to manually run scans. 

After you have scanned your system, all this information will be stored in a regular folder on your hard drive. This file does not have to stay there and can be shared with other computers to allow you or another tech to work on it from their computer.

The inventory list provides all the information you need for successful hardware accounting including inventory numbers, important dates, purchase prices, and which hardware is decommissioned.

It is conveniently located all in one place so that you won’t face unnecessary charges or lapse in your coverage when it is time to purchase new hardware. It also shows your network tree where you can easily see the various names, IP addresses, online status, and more about each computer in your network. 

This IT Inventory Tool also provides you with detailed reports on all the information you need about hardware, operating system, installed software, antiviruses, user accounts, and more. You can view this report in an easy to read table that allows you to choose what data you want to see about each computer.

Also, you can search the data with an easy search feature to save you time when looking for a specific request. These reports save you time and energy by consolidating all your information into one location that can be printed or exported via PDF, RTF, ODT, HTML, or other formats you may need to ensure that your company stays running smoothly. 

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