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4 Reasons why you Should Use a VPN

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The world of internet is vast and full of unknown threats. You never know who may be spying on you or perhaps stealing your personal data. The past few years have seen more data breaches than ever. Wonder why? The answer lies in hacking and unsecured networks. 

What is a VPN?

Think of a VPN as a secure tunnel that connects two web destinations. Anything that passes through this tunnel is invisible to the outside world. No one on the web will be able to know what is passing through your private VPN tunnel.

It is especially beneficial when you are using a public internet connection like in a hotel, restaurant, airport etc. You can use one in your laptop, smartphone, tablet and other similar devices.

Why use a VPN?

 A VPN is particularly useful when your internet has restrictions and you are unable to access certain websites. In addition to this, here are a few other reasons why a VPN is a must-have in your device: 

Secure browsing on a public Wi-Fi

You’ve entered the hotel lobby and while waiting to meet a friend or a colleague, you connect to the complimentary open Wi-Fi and start scrolling social media, checking email, so on and so forth. You continue using the free internet without even realising what is at stake. 

Since your browsing in unencrypted and there are other people on the same network, it does not take much to pick up these radio waves. Meaning, your data traveling through these networks can be caught after it has left your device and before it reaches the recipient. That’s not all, connecting a laptop in the café might help malware make its way into your hard drive. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, issues related to public Wi-Fi are much greater than this. 

Broaden your Streaming horizon

The most famous streaming platform would be Netflix. Most may not know it offers a suggestion based on your search history, most-watched genres, and location. Not only this, it restricts content based on your location too. For instance, if you live in the US you may not be able to access all the content available to the UK audience. 

Use a VPN and connect to a server in your preferred country and viola, you have removed location-based restrictions and unlocked a heap of content. That’s not all, you may be able to watch the latest episode before it is actually released in your country. How? Time difference and VPN!

Encrypt Everything

We’ve mentioned before a VPN is like a tunnel and it hides your web activity from the world. How does this happen? Whatever you choose to send through your device, a VPN encrypts it then despatches it to the recipient. Before it actually gets to the destination it goes through a server that you selected. So, not only is your data encrypted but it is takes the path of your preference. 

Beat Censorship

You may be an adult but there can certainly be restriction on the websites you can visit. There are many governments around the world that implement restrictions, quite like parental control, so that you can only access websites the government allows.

A VPN helps you dodge this blockade and access content, material, services and websites without alerting the authorities. Encryption ensures your surfing is safe. 


Internet is a necessity but it does not mean you risk your privacy for it. You may be anywhere using any network and a VPN will add an additional security layer to your time spent on the web. You may be looking to dodge hackers or repressive governments, it covers you and helps you access all the information you want in a secure manner.


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