Top 11 Freelancing Websites for Online Earning in Pakistan 2024

best Freelancing Websites for Online Earning

Finding the perfect freelance job is more challenging than it appears. As the demand for flexible work grows, it’s hard to know which online earning websites in Pakistan for freelancing are worth your time and which are a waste of time.

Freelance work is working independently for clients on a per-project or assignment basis. Any employer doesn’t bind freelancers and can pick the projects they work on and the clients they collaborate with. Freelance websites in Pakistan, referred to as freelancing sites, serve as a way to connect customers with freelancers.

For you to find top-quality freelance work, we’ve compared several job search websites to identify the top freelance sites that will be available in 2023.

Best Freelancing Websites 2024

Freelancing Website Website Link Categories Registration Fee Service Fee Structure Payment Methods
Upwork Upwork Web development, graphic design, customer support, freelance writing Free Percentage of project fees PayPal, bank transfer
Fiverr Fiverr Different, including design, writing, marketing, programming Free Gig-based earnings PayPal, bank transfer Various, with 1800 categories Free Percentage of project fees or fixed $5 PayPal, wire transfer
Amazon Affiliate Program Amazon Affiliate Program Affiliate marketing Free Commission-based earnings Amazon gift card, check
Truelancer Truelancer Beginners, virtual assistants, marketing professionals Free Commission-based earnings PayPal, Payoneer
Hired Hired Various fields Free Varies by job PayPal, bank transfer
PeoplePerHour PeoplePerHour Content writing, logo design, website development Free Percentage of lifetime billing PayPal, bank transfer
Guru Guru Various, worldwide Free (basic), Paid options 9% transaction fee on invoices PayPal, wire transfer
Ureed Ureed Writing, translation, design, programming Free Varies by project PayPal, Payoneer
Aquent Aquent Creative, marketing, tech Varies by project Varies by project Bank transfer, Payoneer
99 Designs 99 Designs Creative design Free Percentage of project fees PayPal, Payoneer

List of Best Freelancing Websites in Pakistan

Details of the trending freelance websites in Pakistan are given below which will help you find the best resource and freelancer for the best project. This list is best for all those who want to start their freelance career and those who want to find the best talent at a reasonable price. These websites are not only the best freelancing sites in Pakistan but are recognized worldwide.

1. Upwork

Upwork may be one of the top freelancer websites in Pakistan for finding work across many disciplines – web development, graphic design, customer support, and freelance writing. You can find ample work opportunities on Upwork. Companies, from small businesses to major corporations, need freelance designers and writers alike!

Upwork can present an initial learning curve when first using it. It would be best if you mastered the art of writing practical proposals and may need to bid below your pay rate to build up your feedback rating. Many freelance jobs are posted on Upwork, with many competing for them; generally, unless you’re an Upwork superstar, bidding on projects with more than 30 proposals isn’t worth your while.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is among the premier freelancing websites in Pakistan, having been around since 2010 and being used by over three million employers – such as Netflix and Facebook. Fiverr’s size means employers can quickly locate every kind of freelancer on its platform, while freelancers themselves will find opportunities no matter what their field. From long-term projects and small tasks to free listings with affordable options for both sides, Fiverr provides freelancers access to work for all budgets and requirements.

Fiverr is free for everyone to join and list opportunities, offering protected payments and 24/7 support services. Businesses can pay extra to upgrade to an upgraded package with verified freelancers, handpicked talent matching services, and a dashboard to manage projects more effectively. Fiverr has many advantages, not least its size, yet with such an easy entry barrier, you may need to weed through many unsuitable projects or freelancers before finding one you like.


Freelancer provides an easy, user-friendly freelancing platform for beginners with various skill sets, connecting them with millions of professionals spanning 1800 categories. Setting up a portfolio and making money quickly becomes more straightforward, thanks to Freelancer. Freelancer professionals can quickly create their profile in minutes by selecting the skills and expertise they want to rank for before moving through a “verification center” checklist to be approved by the platform. Once created, your profile allows you to browse suitable projects for you while writing comments that tell employers why you are the ideal fit for each role.

Freelancer will take either 10% of the winning bid (whichever is greater) or USD 5 when selecting you as the successful bidder for fixed-price or hourly-fixed projects. At the same time, hourly projects take 10% of every Milestone payment rather than 10% of the total project cost.

4. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates, more commonly referred to as Amazon Affiliate Program, should not be seen as a freelancing website but as an affiliate marketing program allowing individuals, bloggers, and website owners to earn commissions by promoting Amazon products to their audiences. While not a traditional freelancing platform in terms of fees charged per project, affiliate marketing provides a means for earning income via affiliate promotion.

Participating in the Amazon Affiliate Program or traditional freelancing websites depends entirely on individual preferences and goals. While the Amazon Affiliate Program may suit those interested in affiliate marketing, the Pakistan freelance website provides more excellent freelance opportunities. They are better suited to service providers seeking freelance work opportunities. Both options offer ways of making money online but serve different functions within online work and entrepreneurship environments.

5. Truelancer

Truelancer is a platform where freelancers and employers come together for freelance jobs online. You can easily find jobs suitable for beginners, work-from-home, virtual assistance jobs, marketing trainers, virtual assistance jobs, and marketing trainers. Plus, you can earn money doing jobs through Truelancer’s mobile application, available across Android and iPhone devices!

At, we aim to foster an international community of trusted freelancers. Employers can hire professionals for work assignments, while freelancers and professionals can search for jobs to make real clients.

Customers can find developers, designers, content writers, virtual assistants, Mobile App Developers, and many other professional assistants on Truelancer – such as IT and programming experts, graphic designers, Content writers, Data Entry experts, Finance Sales Market specialists, etc – among many others! Creating an account, searching for projects, or posting jobs is free on Truelancer – creating reports, trolling, or posting projects is accessible on Truelancer!

6. SimplyHired

SimplyHired stands out among Pakistan’s best freelancing websites because it acts like a job search engine, with recruiters posting specific vacancies for freelancers on this platform and individuals with the necessary skills being able to apply quickly for them.

It stands out from its competition as a conduit between freelancers and companies looking for talent. It streamlines freelancer job searches by consolidating listings from various fields into one convenient place – this can be particularly advantageous to Pakistani freelancers as it broadens their range of Pakistan freelancers work options.

SimplyHired is an invaluable resource for freelancers in Pakistan seeking freelance work opportunities. It connects freelancers with recruiters posting freelance positions, streamlining the process of finding suitable freelance gigs that align with their skills and interests. Furthermore, SimplyHired gives Pakistani freelancers access to an abundance of job openings they can apply for – increasing their odds of securing gigs that align with them!

7. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour offers global access to freelance talent and is an ideal source for content writing skills, logo design, and website development expertise. Trusted by over 1 Million businesses and with 3 Million Rated Freelancers on board – peopleperhour sign up offers a global talent pool to tap.

PeoplePerHour provides access to a regular stream of projects you can apply for directly and creates customized packages and pricing options for individual clients. There are no registration or sign-up fees, fees for searching projects, or for posting offers; however, you will incur a “service” fee calculated based on lifetime billing; under $250 is charged 20% without VAT. From $250-$5000, this fee decreases to 7.5%, while invoices over $5000 become 3.5%; the minimum service fee per invoice, excluding VAT, is $1.

8. Guru 

Guru is a freelance platform connecting freelancers and companies worldwide. Offering a vast array of skill sets, clients can quickly find professionals suitable for their projects. Freelancers Pakistan on Guru can bid for long- and short-term projects and set their prices, with multiple withdrawal methods such as PayPal and wire transfers available for withdrawals. Basic membership on Guru is free; paid plans provide additional tools and visibility features.

Guru can suggest opportunities explicitly tailored to you depending on your work experience, skillset, and preferences; long- and short-term projects may be available, too! Guru basic membership is free for freelancers, although a 9% transaction fee applies on completed invoices. Paid plans start from $50/month and provide freelancers with access to various tools designed to expand their businesses.

9. Ureed

Ureed is a renowned freelancing website recognized for its flexibility and breadth of services across numerous fields. Offering writing, translation, design, programming, and more freelance Pakistan services makes Ureed an attractive option for clients seeking freelancers to complete various projects beyond design alone. It emphasizes maintaining high standards among its freelancers – meaning clients can expect skilled professionals in their respective fields when engaging with Ureed’s freelancers.

Ureed stands out among its competition due to its flexibility. Clients can hire freelancers as needed, making Ureed ideal for short-term assignments and ongoing work. Furthermore, its client support system makes the experience seamless, making Ureed more user-friendly for freelancers and clients.

Choosing between Ureed and other freelancing in Pakistan platforms could vary significantly depending on various factors, including budget constraints, the specific nature of work required, and personal preferences – it would be prudent to explore both to find one that aligns best with your unique requirements and objectives.

10. Aquent 

Aquent is different in that it doesn’t just focus on having an expansive database of freelancers and jobs from every industry; instead, Aquent focuses on creativity and diversity through machine learning technology that matches projects to experienced recruiters – who then find suitable talent. It claims its machine learning, language processing, and image analysis procedures offer superior insight when reaching projects to Pakistani freelancers. Aquent also promises great projects at fair rates of pay for freelancers.

Aquent isn’t the cheapest nor has the most extensive database, but it focuses on various key areas like content creation, creative tasks, marketing, and tech. But one key focus that sets it apart from its competition is creativity, diversity, and equality: an essential service if your business values these attributes or you’re a freelancer in Pakistan who appreciates this kind of working environment.

11. 99 Designs

99 Designs runs competitions. A client uploads the brief as an open competition, and designers submit designs. After each deadline, they review all submissions before selecting their winner and paying them accordingly.

99 Designs is an outstanding freelance website offering creative design projects. Renowned for its expertise, this platform’s competition-based model allows clients to initiate projects by uploading briefs, which designers from their global community then turn into various design concepts for clients to select from.

99 Designs provides clients with many diverse design concepts from which to choose the one best suited to them. 99 Designs offers an expansive global community of designers with various design styles and ideas, which is especially valuable when meeting specific client design requirements. However, 99 Designs is tailored primarily for design projects; should your freelancing needs extend beyond this field, other suitable platforms exist.


Searching for freelance opportunities requires traversing various platforms – each offering its own set of advantages. Upwork and Fiverr are industry staples that offer freelancers Pakistan and clients multiple choices when it comes to freelance work; others, such as 99 Designs and Aquent, provide more specialized options.

While specific platforms provide broad services and fierce competition, others focus on particular niches, creativity, and diversity. Amazon Affiliate Program offers opportunities to those interested in affiliate marketing as a viable freelance option.

At its core, choosing the ideal freelancing website depends on individual preference, project nature, and career aspirations – this ensures that the freelancing landscape remains dynamic and responsive to evolving flexible work industry needs.

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