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Zoom Ended ‘Work from Home’ and Implemented a ‘Back to Office’ Policy


Zoom – the Video communications company and an app that becomes famous in the Covid-19 era (from 2020 till now) has asked its employees to come back to the office and resume on-site work.

Zoom became popular by presenting the work-from-home concept in a more meaningful way after the outbreak of Corona around the globe, which has canceled the work-from-home facility of its employees and called them back to the office.

It is important to mention, that some time ago, Zoom authorities said that their staff will work from home indefinitely, but now they have changed things and announced a new company policy that will be implemented gradually in August and September of this year.

Initially, the policy of work is changed for all the employees living within 50 miles (80 km) of the office to attend and work at least twice a week. So it is like a hybrid approach as of now but the announcement confirms that the company will be shifting to all work from office policy in the coming months.

Zoom while defending the new work policy, stated that employees are asked to work from the office to keep up with new and surprising innovations in the world of technology and to better support their global customers and improve the company’s overall culture.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, in September 2022, only 1% of Zoom employees regularly did their work from the office, while 75% worked from home and around 24% of its employees were on a hybrid work policy. The announcement might be to compete with its rivals.

As the work-from-home apps are launching at a rapid speed in the market, this might be the main reason behind calling Zoom employees to the office.

Although now only two days a week employees have been asked to come to the office and that too only those employees who live in the vicinity of the office, this is also an indication that in the future not to come to the office and arbitrarily hours.

It is also important to write that before the Corona pandemic, there were only 5% of people working from home in the United States of America, but now after the pendamic this number is much higher.

In certain industries, especially the information technology sector, employees prefer work from home as it is more convenient for them and it also help them to save time and reduce work stress.

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